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Who is paying my benefit ??

by P.R.

I am receiving unemployment benefits from calif . I worked in calif. for 10 years quit my job and moved to oregon where i worked and was laid off after 3 months , who is paying my benefits.

It depends on a number of things .. but trying to explain this would require me to go into the parts of unemployment statutes that explain unemployment taxes and non charging provisions .. I'm not going to do that.

Suffice it to say .. that in order for you to be receiving benefits in Oregon .. most of the money is coming from the state of CA .. whether the employer will have to ultimately pay for those benefits via a higher unemployment tax .. would depend on whether the employer can be non-charged or not .. therefore .. I would first want to know if the quit in CA was with or without good cause.

If it was without good cause .. you are receiving benefits because you purged the VQ disqualification by returning to work and earning sufficient wages to do so ..

Most states have different funds where the benefits come from .. it either your former employers .. or when they are eligible to be non-charged .. generally, the benefits would be coming from a general fund .. which a portion of employer taxes go into .. for just such an occurrence.

This is why employer's fight unemployment .. because regardless if they have to pick up the tab for the entire amount of bennies or not .. they all still have to pay for the all the benefits.

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