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Who is the charegable employer when hiring an unemployed person for a part-time temporary position

by Annette
(Illinois Unemployment Insurance)

What if an employer in Illinois hires a person who is currently receiving unemployment benefits, and the position is part-time temporary, and the position lasts for 6 weeks...

When would the new employer become the chargeable employer for that person's unemployment claim?

Assume that the part-time temporary position pay would increase the weekly unemployment benefit amount if the new employer were the chargeable employer. Does that change the answer?


I rarely get questions from employers .. so I a little rusty on chargeability issues and decided to ask a hearing rep I know .. familiar with IL unemployment insurance as IL does have the weird provision which makes a subsequent employer chargeable after 30 days.

Here's what he thinks

ILCS 1502 .1 (A) (3)\ makes it very clear that the employee must have worked 30 consecutive days to be considered as the "last chargeable employer" so if the claimant is receiving unemployment benefits for only 6 weeks I do not believe that in reading the statute that it supersedes the distinction of who is the last chargeable employer based on the statute in my opinion.

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