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Why am I being denied benefits from a different state, when I was laid off most recent job?

by Debra
(Loveland, Colorado)

I was denied benefits May 2009 because I left my job (worked full time for 3 1/2 years), according to the employer "to move out of area". When in fact I did move from North Carolina to Colorado. The reason I quit was the Dr I worked for was a solo family practice Dr who had a heart attack and surgery 2/27/09. He never came back to the practice, retired and sold the practice. I was the clinical medical asst. they laid off the receptionist and the weekly cleaning person-since we had no patients coming in for appts. They kept me employed, having me call in prescriptions and shredding old charts, getting ready to sell practice to the hospital. Because I left May 12,2010 (flew out to Colorado with my daughter 5/14/2010) and they didn't actually sell the practice until after that time, the employer doesn't think I am eligible and the state of NC didn't either, which was affirmed in the denial of benefits after my hearing. I worked in NC for one job that I quit after a month because I didn't feel I had the proper skills for. I than worked for the Workforce Center of Larimer County doing an internship at the City of Loveland. It was a 3 month internship that was extended for an additional 3 months, because I was a great employee.Because it was a government program, they did not put into enemployment benefits, but I was laid off because the terms of the internship were I could only do it because I had a dependent and was on TANF. When my dependent graduated and was 18 y. o. my internship ended, that was on May 19, 2010. So Colorado is denying me benefits based on North Carolina monies (which are in the quarter I would be collecting on) again. Is that legal the can deny me twice over the same issue? Also I was laid off my most recent job, isn't that the one that counts not jobs from 2 jobs ago? I have a hearing scheduled which I am going to Aug 3.2010 I would like some precedents or something I can quote at the hearing if you know of any. Thanks.


Hi Debra,

The resource is the 2010 Nonmonetary UI law comparison chartbook.

I think you need to find out what the disqualifications for quitting are. If Colorado has denied and you have wages in NC .. file there.

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Aug 09, 2010
I won appeal
by: Debbie Lewis

I won the appeal hearing, just thought I'd let you know. A Colorado Hearing officer overturned NC decision. For all the reasons I stated above.

Congratulations Debbie.

Jul 31, 2010
NJ Unemployment Question
by: jc

NJ Unemployment. Fired after 10 years of service. Never warned or problems during said 10 years. Bonus, etc., received each and every year. No writted company policy (small office) Unemployment now saying misconduct. NJ Unemployment stopped my checks. Says 6 week penalty.
Does that mean my 26 weeks now become 20 weeks of payments or just a 6 week delay prior to my 26 weeks of payments.
Just confused!


Six weeks is the NJ disqualification for both quits and terminations.

The difference is that if fired .. you just serve the six weeks .. if you quit you must, in addition, return to work and earn 6 times your weekly UI benefit amount.

This only applies to NJ. Most other states require a person to return to work whether fired or quit.

You should appeal

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