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Why do i have to pay overpayment ? When in fact i won the Fraud Case

by Cody

I have a case in which unemployment said i commited fraud , I appealled an won .Now I have to pay overpayment can I fight this an win? I all ready given them prepondernce of evidence in the first appeal . Details on the Case: I was suppose to pay back my penalty in which i did , I called over the phone received a conformation number an started receiving benefits 3 weeks later . 8 month later i get paper's i commited fraud . I appealled showing bank statements an it showed the money was available . The said they spoken to a bank rep. but, my bank said it was false ! Can I Appeal the overpayment decision ? Can i win ? Or should i Request For Reconsideration ?


I don't know if you can win. I hardly have enough information to even try to "estimate" odds.

But you should appeal because I'm a little confused as to what your bank rep told somebody as well as being confused as to why your bank rep was compelled to reveal information about your bank account.

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