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by CF

I, ***named removed to protect your ability to get a job*** was fired in March of 2013, for complaints about the cleanliness of work place.

I put in long hours to get this job done 7 days a week .. yes 7 days @ 3 hours per day . I had to do the day care and then the womens fitness, girls locker room, and then upstairs, yes they needed to get more people, but they didn't want to ... yet they only had 2 of us during the week to clean.


So, you're telling me what, because I don't see a question here.

I honestly do try to explain how unemployment works from a neutral position and then try to explain how I perceived a story to see if I can get anymore info I think might change my mind.

What you told me could be construed to mean even you admit the complaints were valid ..

And that's a weakness for an employer to exploit once you're at the unemployment appeal hearing because you were initially denied and appealed. I know this is the case because I just got through forwarding your request for a rep to contact you.

Being fired for misconduct happens everyday to employees everywhere and it's not always misconduct as far as the unemployment department is concerned because until the unemployment department gets involved, misconduct is only an assertion by the employer that hasn't had to meet the definition of misconduct .. or prove it was committed.

I prefer that when people ask me questions about unemployment and getting fired, they would ell me all about what they think the employer will do to try to prove their burden and then tell me why they feel the employers burden is full of it after they know what the definition of misconduct is because that's central to any question that begins with why, can, how, or whatever.

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