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Wife pregnant, soon to be on bedrest, on unemployment... now what?

by Louis

Wife is 7 months pregnant and is starting to have complications. She's been collecting unemployment for about 18 months. She will probably go on bed rest next week.

We live in California. What are her options? i.e. can she qualify for disability or any sort of maternity leave.

And, bed rest or not, once the baby is born, can she be on disability for X amount of time during delivery/recovery time, and then be eligible to go back on unemployment?



I'm simply, not as familiar with the California requirement to qualify for California disability unemployment insurance and whether a regular approved claim can be transitioned somehow to one of disability.

It never fell within the purview of what I did .. which was more or less confined to regular benefits based upon the merit based causes for separation from a job.

Additionally, California is one of only six states that has any sort of "disability based unemployment benefit program".

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