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Will I be able to continue to receive my unemployment benefits if I return to college full- or part-time in NYS?

by Nicole
(Long Island, NY)

After being laid off from my editing job in March, I have struggled to find any work as a journalist for the past six months on Long Island, NY. I am considering returning to college to pursue a teaching degree, with my journalism background, but I'm worried that I might lose my unemployment benefits. I have a full-time schedule of night classes, and I'm still looking for a 9-5 job that would fit that schedule. Am I in danger of losing my benefits?

Hi Nicole,

The USDOL resource I use says yes, you would be endangering your benefits in NYS. You may confirm for yourself by checking out Table 5-12.

But that seems so harsh and things may be changing due to the urging of the President and some stimulus money which requires states to "modernize" some areas of their statutes, I thought I would wander over to the NYDOL and read the interpretation index .. I lead an exciting life:)

I discovered that the USDOL might not have it quite right. It's worth a read (section 700).


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