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Will i be denied if i called off one time to have an emergency surgery

by Brandon
(New York Unemployment)

I resigned my job then started a new one. I worked at the previous job for a year.

Three weeks into this new position I called into work for the first time, I was a perfect employee and never broke any rules. I had surgery the day I called in I have all documentation I returned to work two days later I was already scheduled off those days but was told by my doctor I was unable to work them anyways.

When I returned everything was fine. The next day I showed up, I was told they no longer needed me.

I now have filed and its been three weeks and an investigation has started.

I described my story, I'm now waiting for a judgement to be made. From your experience what usually happens here and how long does it take (ny) I've been told 48 hours and I should know.

Brandon, the amount of time from the conclusion of the investigation and the time the department finally issues the initial determination varies.

Although I will say that 48 hours is at best an optimistic estimation of how long it will take .. but we can keep our fingers crossed.

Additionally, timelines have changed during this recession with sky high and enduring unemployment rates .. but pre-recession, 4-6 weeks was the typical wait when the separation from work was anything other than a layoff.

However, I get a whole lot of people asking questions after they've waited much longer.

All I can do for them is to tell them to start calling the department when they think they've had to wait too long.

Sure hope you offered to fax that dr. note to the adjudicator.

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