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Will I be denied to move to an extension if I did not meet one of the eligibilities

by Carmen
(Pleasanton, CA)

This is in CA. I was offered a job by a friend and I originally accepted it with an assumption that I was starting the following week based on our conversation. Then, they changed the reporting date because it still needs approval from the manager. I was told that they are not sure if there is a position. After thinking through it, I changed my mind and refused the job. I am on my last week of 2nd extension. I am going to answer the question on the claim form that I refused a job because I have a feeling the supervisor will report me to EDD for refusing it. If I got denied or disqualified for refusing the job what happens? Do I just lose 2 weeks of the 3rd extension which I am suppose to be automatically moving into if this did not happen, or do I completely get disqualified for the extension and my benefit ends? I have worked for over 30 years without collecting unemployment in my working life, and with my age it is getting difficult to find a job that pays comparable to what I was paid before I got laid off.


I'm going on an assumption that the disqualifications for extension benefits are the same as regular benefits.

The DQ's for refusal of work, for all states can be found in table 5-11.

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