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Will I be denied unemployment if I do not accept a job that pays significantly less?

by Sherry
(Buffalo, New York Unemployment)

I will be getting laid off from my current position. I currently earn $15.87 an hour.

If the same company offers me a job earning $10.00 an hour, do I have to accept
this job? If I do not accept, will I lose my eligibility for unemployment benefits?

Hi Sherry,

The question about a denial of unemployment benefits for refusing a job offer has already been asked and answered .. many times.

And not just because of a huge drop in wage.

The issues revolves around whether the offer of work is suitable work .. and accepting a job offer that is not suitable to you sets up a scenario that can be disastrous to any unemployment claim should you have to quit .. because the job wasn't what you were informed it would be at the time of hire.

The issue is known as suitable work, however NY refers to it as refusal of employment and yes a wage reduction can be good cause for refusing a job, but, what the amount of the reduction, must be compared to your previous employment and whatever is typical in that specific labor market. It's all relative to which state it is and their opinion about what percentage of reduction and additional cost factors is enough to rise to that level they call good cause to refuse the job.

I would strongly advise you to check at least, that last link, as it goes directly to the NYDOL interpretations. The interpretations address most of the things that cause people to refuse or quit a fairly recently acquired job and what may be cause for a finding of good cause to refuse .. all because the work wasn't suitable for you Sherry.

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