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Will I be eligible for unemployment when my store closes and I lose my part time job?

by John

I am almost 70 years old and have worked for the past 2 years at ***name deleted***. Rumors have it that our store will be closed. I am part-time, working an average of 20 hours per week. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits if in fact the store does close?

Hi John,

Yes, you should be eligible for unemployment .. but to stay eligible week to week after you start collecting. The state you live in may play a role as to whether just looking for another part-time job will be sufficient.

Some states will disqualify because their laws actually require the claimant to be able and available for full-time work, despite the fact that you may have been working only part-time for a very long time.

It's a cute little trick .. don't you think?

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