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Will I continue to receive unemployment benefits if I find a job?

by Winette
(Orlando, FL, USA)

If i find a job that doesn't pay as much as my previous job, will I continue to receive unemployment benefits in the state of Florida?

Hi Winette,

Not if it's a full-time job.

If you find a part-time job you might receive a partial benefit but the combination of benefit and earning won't be more than your WBA for total unemployment.

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similiar question
by: Anonymous

My question for this is what about if you're fired from the part time job while you have been collecting benefits from the previous job..

In Florida they make you file a claim again .. so what happens next? Do you go all the way back to step 1?

Why should the part time jobs outcome affect the full time job you've collected on.


First of all, even after the initial filing for benefits, you have to file a claim for each and every week you want to claim benefits.

If someone has a full-time and a part-time job concurrently, and they suddenly lose the full-time job only, the state will still use the part-time wages to determine what your weekly benefit about will be.

This is important to grasp. Weekly benefits are contingent on you staying eligible and based upon all the conditions of eligibility ..

One wrong move and poof, there goes the benefits. It could be a separation from any job deemed to be your fault, it could be not being able and available for work .. it could be not being able to prove you've been looking for work per the new FL requirements.

This is just the way it is ..

If you were fired from your part-time job .. then yes, the state has to make another determination about whether it was for misconduct or not .. and of course .. there could always be another appeal.

It's all because employers are the ones that pay the insurance premiums otherwise known as unemployment tax.

The rule is that continuing benefits are contingent upon the facts surrounding the most recent separation from employment .. and getting fired is cause for an investigation into whether you will continue to receive benefits.

by: AnonymousJohn

If I receive unemployment benefits in Florida's and am working part when my 6months run out can I file a initial claim for my part time job and receive unemployment benefits in 2015 yes or no.

No .. because you would still have six month left on a now exhausted existing claim with no extension benefits being possible.

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