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Will I get the unemployment extentions?

by Amber
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Good day, I have won the appeal, have been out of work since June 18th 2009. now that I have won the appeal, will I also collect from the extention that was given by the Federal Goverment?

Any information would be helpful, Thanks


I don't know much about extensions .. you all need to understand that up until this recession .. extensions were a very rare and unusual occurrence, but my belief is that yes .. since you won the appeal and the initial determination was found to be in error .. you should be able to get any extension too.

The troubling part of your story is that you have been unemployed since June of 09 and are just now completing the appeal process .. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

It should have been done no more than 30 days after your appeal was filed.

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Sep 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

how many extensions do people get. or how long can a person depend on unemployment ck

I believe it is dependent upon a state's current unemployment rate and also whether a state has or offers extended benefits.

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