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Will I get unemployment if fired for absences?

by Heather
(Temple, TX)

Hello, I work for a company that goes by the point system. While I was pregnant I had something called Hyperemisis Gravidirum. I basically couldnt hold anything down and threw up everything I ate. I lost alot of points until I was eligible for FMLA which I used all 12 weeks of that while I was pregnant. I have been back from my 6 weeks of maternity leave since mid august and when I returned I only had like 40 points. You lose 10 points per absence. I have been sick like 4 times since then and had drs notes every time but they do not excuse abscences with drs notes. I have missed again today because I am sick and I may be fired for it. I went to the dr and I am sure I can provide documentation to show every time I missed work that I went to the Dr. Would I be able to receive unemployment? Is there a long period you have to wait for them? Thanks.

Probably. A point system is just another attendance policy.

Illness with Dr. notes equal a very hard to prove misconduct case for the employer. The final incident is always significant.

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