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Will I have any problems getting my money?

by Daniel

I applied for unemployment benefits on September 12th, denied because employer was claiming misconduct as the reason I was fired. I appealed and won because of my excellent preparation skills (or my employer's lack of said skills, either way I'll take it). The question is: I went back to work a few weeks ago and stopped certifying my weeks. I was certifying for the 8 weeks I was without a job, but once I went back I stopped. Will i have any problems receiving my benefits. Or what would you suggest as a next step?

I think you did things just right. You should receive backpay for the eight weeks you certified and had been denied .. once that unemployment decision causes them to flip the switch (or the drop down box on your claim) from ineligible to eligible.

Since you stopped certifying when you went back to work .. you did the right thing, but it does not negate your right to the benefits from the eight weeks you were unemployed.

The claim remains there until the BYE date with the remaining benefits .. should something happen to your new job that ends it .. as long as it is a "qualifying reason for separation" .. as far as IL unemployment law goes.

Congrats on the preparation or ER's lack there of:)


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