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Will I lose my Benefits for attending school?

by Eddie
(Long Beach, ca)

Yes I am attending school, well actually its Harbor Occupational Center... my phone interview is on October 23. what should i expect? will they cut my unemployment if this school doesn't qualify or meet the standards for training? im taking automotive technician fundamentals... thanx for helping...

Hi Eddie,
I don't know if they will stop your benefits Eddie, except to say they probably want to ascertain your ability and availability for work .. and whether you're looking for work.

This part of the the Q&A's is dependent upon others, collecting unemployment, to share their experiences with what happened to them including you.

When they do ask about your availability they take certain things into consideration.

How many hours a week you are attending school. Which hours you are attending school.
What are the usual hours you should be available to work based on what you did for a living before.
Whether if you are offered a suitable job which conflicts with school .. will you give school up.


The best place for those in CA to find out how and what information the state makes determinations on is here.

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