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Will I lose my umemployment if I refuse to go back to the job where I was laid off?

by J Slater
(Rawlins Wy US)

Will I lose my unemployment benefits if I refuse to go back to the job where I was laid off? 4 people were hired after me, 2 are good friends with some of the other workers and they are the 2 that did not get laid off. (The supervisor did not try to contact me, But they contacted one of the bus aides who quit in 2009 and a teachers aide who was laid off w/ me, and has no CDL. I contacted them) I did not take back an application. But they have called after I went in. The supervisor said she would tell the boss to put me on the list of employees, and to bring my application in when I could. The next day my dad called to see if the position was filled and they told him "Not really" and to come and get an application. They did not know it was my dad. When I was laid off, I was told my position was cut. I work at a preschool as a bus aide and a one on one aide. My one on one student is still there and still needs a one on one. I was there 2 years, the women who was only at the school 7 months did not get laid off. She also has a CDL(1 of the 2 who is a friend of the other workers) Now the bus driver quit and they want me to go back. I would rather not work at that school again but I do not want to lose my unemployment.(I hired on in 2008 as a bus driver, I was told I could drive bus and be in the classroom. On the 1st day of school, I was not in the classroom. when I asked my supervisor about it she said you will have a few field trips so you will get more hours. She put my bus aide(Cassaundra) in the classroom. When my bus aide moved I asked if I can take her place in the classroom my supervisor told me yes. 3 weeks later when I was in the classroom the supervisor came in with a new girl and said she is going to take the place of Cassaundra. I feel like I was lied to many times


Yes, you could lose your benefits if you refuse to go back .. after all .. who is being held liable for the benefits .. it's the employer.

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