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Will I lose my unemployment benefits if i accepted a 3-wk temp job in Texas

by wendy
(austin, tx)

I am currently collecting unemployment and was wondering if I would lose my benefits if I accepted a 3 week temporary job with a company I used to work for?

Hi Wendy,

Depending on how much you earn, you might not be able to collect for those three weeks.

You would still continue to file, but you must report the that you worked in the week you worked.

The state of Texas will calculate whether you are entitled to a partial amount by applying their magical formula for partial unemployment benefits. You can find that formula at the resource I link to on my page about unemployment pay.

But since you're here and you asked a question .. let me give you a little free advice about another danger for someone in your situation.

If this employer just happened to be a base period employer for you .. or even if they weren't .. know that ..

States like to make sure that when a temp assignment ends, that you didn't quit .. or refuse permanent work. Understanding this can save a lot of grief for anyone who doesn't think the state will find out how the temp work ended.

It happens all the time. A denial of benefits for a refusal of suitable work.

It's also worth noting that this is how a temporary employer would save themselves from ever being charged for any benefits you receive in a future claim.

Temp agencies protest all the time and mess up a person's continuation of benefits when an assignment ends.

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Nov 12, 2010
cutting hours
by: Anonymous

I waw collecting unemployment I took a job 45 miles away working 29 hours a week they then cut my hours to 26 hours per week and then again to 20 hours can i quit and still reclaim my unemployment benefits?

Hey there Anonymous,

I only try to explain if a reason allows for the possibility .. but I don't tell anyone to quit their job.

Here's the question I have for you .. are you collecting partial unemployment benefits? If they cut your hours even more .. and you weren't able to qualify for partials working 29 hours a week .. at least try to qualify working 20 hours a week.

And I guess I will say this again.

THE REASON FOR THE SEPARATION FROM THE LAST JOB is the separation that now control whether you receive continuing benefits from a claim that was initially filed for a separation from a different job .. such as in the case of a layoff.

A layoff is a qualifying separation, but if you take a part-time job and you just don't like it or think you can quit and pick up your benefits again from the layoff .. think again.

It doesn't work than way.

Your right to continuing benefits is based on the "last work".

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