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Will I qualify for another 26 weeks when my benefir year is over in PA?

by mary

I qualified for 26 weeks of regular unemployment in PA.

I was not qualified for federal EB because I earned most of my income in one quarter..20k out of 28k.
I am about to take work in Texas for about 2 months at a wage of approx 800 a week. Can I reapply for benefits when my benefit year ends in Oct 2110 when I only worked 8 weeks in another state?
This is assuming I dont find work after that?

Hi Mary,

The information you want to know is "What are the monetary requirement for qualifying for a 2nd benefit year in Texas.

I'll just direct you to the source where this information is collectively aggregated.

And as usual, I feel compelled to give street directions for those who get easily lost .. or more likely discouraged from trying to locate.

Once you arrive, click the current year and then click the link "Monetary Etitlement" and then go to page 7 or Table 3-4.

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