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Will I qualify for Ohio unemployment if my position was eliminated and I was offered a lower level job that is over 1.25 hours away?

by Stacy

I just found out today that my position has been eliminated (I was field management). I was given the option to continue with the company in one of the stores that is over 1.25 hours away from my home. I don't think that it would make good sense to waste that much time and gas. Would I qualify for benefits if I choose not to take this position? I am not guaranteed 40 hours or any set amount of hours per week.

Hi Stacy,

I don't know for sure, but what I do know is that you will need to consider whether the State of Ohio agrees with you and also thinks you had every right to turn it down because the work is not suitable work.

The issue that has potential to get even a laid off person disqualified is "refusal of suitable work".

Ohio does have a small resource that might help you understand more about this issue.

OH UC Law Abstract Section IX has the suitable work information.

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