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Will I qualify for unemployment benefits if I accept a short-term consulting assignment with my employer as soon as I get laid off?

by Barbara
(San Mateo, CA USA)

My job is being eliminated, but they want to offer me a short-term (2-3 months) consulting assignment to help with the transition. If I wait to file for unemployment benefits until after the consulting assignment ends, will I still qualify under the original job elimination?

Consulting?? Do you mean .. self employed and free to be a consultant to anyone or any other business .. or do you mean a contracted temp worker still having to perform your work as directed in a manner specified by the employer but without benefit of them withholding taxes .. matching social security and paying unemployment tax on what they pay you?

Sorry .. If you detect a certain amount of paranoia it is due to other peoples horror stories.

I strongly advise you to gather information so what the employer is expecting of you is defined .. and what you can expect from the employer at the end of the short-term assignment.

I strongly suggest getting it in writing .. if you haven't already.

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