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will i qualify for unemployment due to my attendance

by dave

well ive been workin there for a year i been having attendance problems due to car problems but this winter i have no car problem now i just have weather problem i live down a hill and my drive ways a hill and there no way getting up it cause its so icy i miss work for a week i live in a small town i dont really have much friends up here and family here to ask for rides only my mom but she cant drive no license and my neighbors wont even give me a ride i ask them so many times they even started ignoring me and i get pay bi-weekly so i didnt even have money for a taxi so i was in a very rough spot never been through this but i tried everything to get to work but nothing worked out and i did called in all those days told them every little details of whats going on by the time it warmed up and the ice melt i went back to work they told me they had to let me go i was fired due to missing so many days and i explained to them they say theres nothing we can do and that was it so i havent applied for unemployment yet never had in my life but will i qualifie for unemployment benifents for this problem? its been a week since i got fired

Hi Dave,

Unlike your wife .. you might if you can prove the weather was so inclement as to prohibit you from getting to work .. and you always called in.

I can't say for sure, but it's worth a shot.

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