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Will I Qualify for Unemployment If I'm Fired For Not Completing Testing Requirements If I Still Have More Time?


Hi. I work at a day care and my boss gave me a letter telling me if I don't finish some test, required by the DCF, she was going to have to fire me.

The problem is that I was supposed to have up to one year to complete these test and I have only been working there for six months.

I'm wondering if I will qualify for unemployment benefits if I don't take this test.

***edited 9/6/2013***


I don't know.

I have a good reason for not knowing if you will be eligible for unemployment when/if the UI dept. finds you were fired for something other than willful misconduct.

It's that you didn't tell me anything, except what you think is your strength and if the employer is just attempting to change the terms and condition you hired in under .. possibly.

But, what is the DCF, or some other regulatory agency changes the rules on the the employer .. they can't just ignore the law to suit what they were once able to promise.

But, despite the fact that it would require a bit more detail to fully assess your situation .. at least for me, what has struck me, is a need to ask a question of my own.

Why aren't you studying like a madwoman at this moment, to take and pass the test if it is a professional requirement you're going to need for your job in six months anyway?

I sometimes have a hard time getting past some of these questions which feel to me, like a demonstration of a lack of commitment to a job, or even a detectable sense of responsibility to self .. Even a job cleaning toilets benefits from responsibility and accountability and work ethic.

Maybe this is why I sometimes have a hard time answering .. because I first have to put aside some personal feelings that intuition is telling me I'm only being told what someone thinks will convince me, instead of letting me try to help on matters requiring objectivity and weighing the strengths .. and the weaknesses.


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