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Will I receive unemployment back pay for the weeks I have filed. - Alabama

by Anonymous

This concerns benefits from the state of Alabama. In my benefit year I have been awarded 6630 dollars my weekly amount is 255. This is my third week of filing without receiving anything. I would like to know will I receive benefits for each week that I have filed once the payments start? Will the weeks ending the 9th,16th and 23rd be in one combined disbursement?

Hi Anonymous,

Congratulations on being eligible for the Alabama maximum unemployment benefit amount of $255.

The information you have received is the "monetary determination". You will receive benefits for the weeks you have filed when a "favorable nonmonetary" determination is made about the separation from the job.

At least it should all be given to for all the weeks you have claimed while waiting for the non-monetary .. of course the amount would also be minus any unpaid waiting week which you must file a claim for as well.

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Nov 23, 2019
by: Anonymous

I have been waiting 6 weeks to receive my benefits. If I get a job before I receive my pay, will I still recieve back pay for the eligible weeks I filed?

Mar 19, 2013
disqualifed due to a prior disqualification..but I can recieve benifits after the 30th of this month
by: Anonymous

I have been disqualified for benefits until March 30 2013, after that im eligible ..I've been waiting since October 20, will I receive backpay for all the weeks I have been waiting?

Backpay? Highly unlikely.

But then the number of weeks you still may be able collect is relevant to what the disqualification was for .. in most states.

Although I don't mind answering a simple question about what an unemployment disqualification means to a person, I'd prefer to just get what I know to be relevant so I can answer fully.

1. The name of the state issuing a disqualification.

2. The section of UI law referenced by the disqualification.

3. The BYB and BYE date(benefit year begins and benefit year end, of the claim).

4. Status of any subsequent job.

The most common reasons for disqualifications are those for quitting without good cause, being fired for something considered misconduct and not being able and available to accept work.

The last one being the type of DQ that often only need be lifted. Such as when a person finally is medically released to return to work.

However, the first two DQ must be served and usually include something additional .. an earning requirement in subsequent employment to satisfy the second half of the DQ.

But then the claim, in many states, is subject to another investigation as to the reason for separation ..

There is a reason behind all the confusion about what DQ's mean.. the goal of the UI dept. is for the unemployed person to get back to work .. not just satisfy the earning requirements of disqualifications.

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