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Will I still get unemployment when the company told them something different then what the manger told me?

by Cookie
(Pittsburg Pa usa)

Here is my lovely story. I was offered a full-time customer service job that is really hard to get in the company. I was working at a retail store part time so the job that was offered to me was a good start to better things to come. So I gave a week notice to the old job and took the new one. I knew that the training period was at the min 3 months. Well everything was going well 2 weeks into the job. I was training with another employee listening to the conversations and getting the information typing in the computer but I was not doing the complete job. The whole job was learning 2 different computer programs one for one part of the usa and the other for canada and the eastern part of the usa, plus answer all question about the products and delivery and place orders and track them and doing freight charges etc. I know this job was going to be difficult but I was learning the programs ok and on the thrid week I was sitting with a manger answering the phone finally by my self and entering the data in the computer I was slow at it by I was still learning everything. So The end of the fourth week I was told that I need to take a walk with the manager I was sitting with to the warehouse and she said that I was an expense to the company and I would be permanently, laid off because I wouldn't have my own desk and they over hired for the position. She also stated that I worked harder than any of the other girls did. She also made sure I heard we are just letting you go because it wasn't working out. So when I filed for unemployment I put on

the application I was laid off and I was let go because it was not working out. But now the unemployment people say it is because I was discharged for poor job performance. I wasn't even through the training period yet.


Typical. Anytime, an employer tells someone .. we're letting you go because we "over-hired" and in the next sentence tells you it just isn't working out .. The manager is probably thinking they are softening the blow, but all they are really doing is confusing the issue.

Somewhere up above that manager, was another manager who told that one to fire you for poor performance. If they were really letting you go because they "over-hired" they would have to code you out of their payroll as a "layoff" and that Cookie, is a discharge, without any pretense of being for good cause and benefits should be no problem.

You will most likely have to appeal or if PA does the right thing and gives you the benefits .. the employer will appeal.

You will just have to testify to the truth .. and for the record .. I say if a person has done their best and went to work everyday .. their can be NO poor performance after 4 weeks at a new job.

Of course, if I were you, I would also be concerned with what PA decides about the job you quit .. to take the new one.

Some states do find good cause for quitting to take a new and better job .. if it pays more .. most don't.

It usually comes down to the length of time and how much you earned in the new job and whether you "purged" the disqualification.

Just another example of how the unemployment system punishes the whole class so the troublemakers don't get away with anything.

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