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will i win?

I was terminated from my job as a manager of a convenience store in march 12. I was with the company for 5 years, the last 2 I was manager of my own store. I was fired for my cashiers failing internal mystery shops which is where the company sends in young adults in their early 20's to buy tobacco and if the cashier doesnt card it is a fail.

Company policy says that after 6 fails the manager is fired, but other than train them and tell them over and over there was nothing else I could do. I myself always passed and my store was in good shape.
I am in Ohio.


Were you placed on a performance improvement for this issue?

Were you allowed to write your employees up for this major infraction?

I mean there's got to be more you could of done than just train them and tell them over and over to card people.

Failure to do so would be cause for termination. Were your subordinates discharged as well?

There's is that chance you will win because the employer will somehow have to prove the underlying cause of the failure to card was due to your negligence of your duties as the store manager and that you had been made aware your job was in jeopardy through written warnings that addressed this issue as something you had previously failed to take control of and make certain your subordinates also complied with.

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Jun 10, 2012
phone hearing
by: Anonymous

so now that UI denied their appeal, they have appealed again and want a phone hearing. It is scheduled for the 19th.
In the last determination letter UI said that
"this agency finds that the claimant was discharged without just
cause under Section 4141.29(D)(2)(a),Ohio Revised Code."
I am nervous about the hearing.
What should I do to prepare?
also the higher ups did not allow the manager to promote the girl that had failed the mystery shop.
and they did get the appeal on time.

May 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Unmployment denied my employers appeal.

Was their appeal late?

May 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

The new manager used to be the manager there and transferred out of state. When she came back she wanted her store back but I was there. I don't know if it was a set up but it us definitely suspicious. One of the other people who failed was a good friend of hers also.

May 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yes I was written up.
Yes they were written up. Only one person was discharged. They receive one warning then termination. The last girl to fail is now being promoted by the new manager

That's sort of interesting .. wouldn't you say?

Why do you think you were fired and the girl that failed to card someone is being promoted?

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