After I win an appeal, how long does it take to get paid?

(Pennsylvania Unemployment Question)

After I win an appeal, how long does it take to get paid?

I won my appeal hearing and now I am waiting for all of the paper work to be returned to the UC office who handles my account. I faxed my appeal notice revealing the referees decision to a number that I was told about. So I know the UC office has my information.

I have a ton of bills to pay that are late, late, late and I need to know when I will get paid by the UC office.


First, you have to tell me if I got the state right or wrong. I insist that the name of the state be made available if I am to answer a question.

But since I don't know the answer as to how long it takes .. I can only say that this is becoming a more frequently asked question.

My personal opinion is that it just shouldn't take any longer than one week .. because it's just got to be a data entry function of changing "denied" to "approved" .. but having said this .. people in other states have had to wait for weeks and have actually had to contact attorney general offices to get any action from an unemployment department.

At most, I'd give it two weeks before I started raising hell.

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Dec 02, 2014
Increased chance of winning? -To the Maryland unemployment comment
by: Chris

The only reason chances of winning are increased when the opposition doesn't show for a hearing is because they aren't there to rebut your burden of proof which explains why you had good cause.

When an employer doesn't show however, I would always be concerned they had requested a postponement prior to the hearing and for a good cause. This is because they can use proof that the request for ppmt. was made and possibly get the appeal hearing reopened and the first hearing decision vacated until a new first hearing can be scheduled.

If a hearing decision takes more than two weeks to be issued .. it's time to call the appeal section to find out why not.

Curious you mention the employer didn't appeal, or phone in, MD generally conducts in person hearings and isn't a fan of the "split" hearing where some come in person and some appear by phone.

Dec 02, 2014
maryland unemployment
by: Anonymous

I recently had an appeal hearing. The employer did not show for the hearing. We'll he didn't phone in. So does this increase my chances of winning? Also how long does it usually take for them to make their decision??? Can anyone help? I quit this job because I was discriminated. My boss told me i was fat all the time. And he also would cuss me out every day. I'm hoping that is just cause for quitting. I did have a witness and I had another one type up a statement since she was unavailable during the hearing.

Sep 17, 2014
Lost out in John Deere country
by: Anonymous

I recently won an appeal with labor and industries in Wa. How long does it take for my compensation to restart again. As i have tons of bills etc . Been waiting and waiting for the appeal court and now its done and over. Thanks for all your help.

How long ago? And since the date you won, how long until the next time you have to certify?

Clearly, I don't know for sure how long it might take Washington State to change the eligibility to allowed, but I think they would deposit any back pay to a debit card no later than when they would have to pay you next, if you had originally been denied and this was your appeal.

I also don't know if there is a rule about how long they are allowed to keep you waiting .. but if I were you, I'd call the appeal office and ask that question, if I were broke as a joke and counting on those benefits.

Apr 16, 2012
Unemployment needs a revamp!
by: Anonymous

I too got caught up in this ridicolous nightmare! Family of five no income, crack addicts have gotten more asssistance than me after 35yrs in the field.

My story llc member 5% decided after a few yrs I want out. I had to pay qaurtley taxes and the only one to benefit was the owner!(he had two business one in his dear pigs name and the loosing one in the employees. Now one yr he changed me and gave me a w2. Now he let me go for corporate greed. Hire two for the price of one! Now I'm getting denied unemployment. Asked for a hearing one month later still nothing! I was told I could go and collect food stamps! Really why don't they hire more people since the unemployment is the highest in decades! I really feel for these people!

Revamp is putting it mildly. It's still the same program .. plus some new additional changes to laws that tightened the noose .. or the belt your preference that is was in 1935.

Not only has employment changed since then .. but our society has changed.

For instance, what about PUTA's (personal unemployment tax accounts)?

Has anyone mentioned the phrase "unemployment tax fraud" with regard to what your owner might be doing?

I think what he's done at least deserves to be investigated.

Apr 03, 2012
my situation
by: Anonymous

i live in NY, and I started receiving benefits in dec 09, and employer appealed and won.

I appealed and it took six months, I won and I received my retro pay before I even got the letter.

Then NYDOL actually appealed in May 0f 2011 and won. So I appealed again.

I just got a letter almost a full year after. It was sent March 30 saying I won.

Now, I'm waiting for my retro from way back then.

Ain't nothing but a big game of tug n war. Hope I receive payment before the president appeals next.(sarcasm)

Hi Anonymous,

I'm curious about the reason the NYDOL appealed. Could you give us some insight into the reason?


PS .. I got the sarcasm:)

Mar 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your answer. Though you did try your best to answer, I just love how "The State of PA" (probably the same in other states, I don't know)"unwillingly" take your money, then when you "willingly" want it you have to fight. The appeal's been won. Referee said "Goal!". Now give me the money ya morans before I loose everything. The system really sucks when decision is typed it should go directly into all other systems thus releasing your money into your account prior to even the receipt of your letter.

You got it .. quick to deny and actually looking for ways to deny benefits after you get them .. but still, slow as molasses choosing the drop down option the tells the system to pay the benefits.

You ought to see what a state can do with an employer charge statement .. not that I feel sorry for them .. they have UI cost control as an option to remedy their problems with the state that's desperately hanging on to the money for as long as they can.

Dec 09, 2011
waiting time
by: Anonymous

Could I please get the answer to the ? of how long in Pa should I have to wait for payment after having my hearing and winning a reversal. , :-)

There is no definite cut and dry answer to that question. It's truly an administrative function of any UI agency.

Federal guidelines tell states somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty days to hear and then decide an appeal case .. however the amount of unemployment claims and appeals has sent that number right out the window.

My best piece of advice is what I'd do if I had to wait longer than 30 days ..

Skip contacting the appeals section any longer trying to get them to issue a decision and go straight to your state attorney generals office that is in charge of keeping agencies in line with the federal guidelines which I believe control the amount of grant money they receive to operate the mandated unemployment department.

I think this is a reasonable escalation of the matter at any rate .. right before your utilities start to get shut off.

Oct 05, 2011
ask for help and piss us off love your comeback!!!

condescending attitude between the lines? you are too nice! no wonder this person from PA is unemployed, attitude! Next, he/she will be screwing things up for those that really need disability; fake illness, hospital stay? at least have something real to convict/commit you, frontal lobotomy maybe:-)

Sep 21, 2011
by: Mylissa

Lol Chris I love ur answer

Apr 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Did you miss the word Pennsylvania at the top of the post? This is a PA question. Does anyone who is competent know the answer? Thanks I am also about to go belly up and fake an illness to get a nice hospital bed until I get paid - at the government's expense.

Actually yes, I did miss that and this would be an apology for missing it, if it had not been for the fact that I didn't miss your condescending attitude between the lines.

Good luck with faking an illness though.

Being out of commission will make you NOT able and available for work .. therefore disqualified for any week you do spend in the hospital.


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