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If finding a new job weren't difficult enough for unemployed people, you might of just learned your unemployment benefits have been denied, or worse, your employer is fighting your right to collect benefits you were initially allowed. 

Not all unemployment appeal hearings are the walk in the park an official state unemployment website might make them out to be. evolved at a time. I was going through my own unemployed saga.   But an odd experience as an employee, came in handy for getting and keeping those survival benefits.

The experience also made me think there had to be a better way to earn a living, than being subject to an at-will employer I knew firsthand could be just as guilty of a frivolous unemployment appeal .. than the employees they complained about when I was just trying to do my job and inform them an unemployment hearing had been scheduled.

Starting any unemployment claim on the wrong foot, or being clueless about the appeal process is at best, counter intuitive to finding the best positioning for an argument to get benefits because the fault wasn't yours.

But, this is your call and I'm simply trying to help those who understand .. understanding the ins and outs of putting on the best case presentation possible,  often requires some serious and critical questions first.

  • Some quit their job with good cause.  Yet, most employees  resign in such  a way as to stand as a prime example of how not to quit a job if  good cause is a necessity to receive benefits.
  • Some are fired from their job.    Yet, they don't feel the gravity, or extent to which they must go to rebut it was actually for something that can be deemed other than  work misconduct, by showing the employer's burden  is a leaky boat.

Some employees are laid off for a legitimate lack of work.  Yet fail to realize it is a self inflicted wound in the making  to think they now have more freedom to choose when benfits makes refusing, or quitting suitable work a big no no for continuing eligibility to collect.

A lot of the excuses unemployed claimants make for not doing anything as an employee to show they were desirous of remaining employed,  might be wiped away if they only knew..

Another name for a state unemployment department is  an ... administrative law agency.

And another perspective to see how unemployment works is from the one you had when you still had a job and the ability to go into prevention mode.

Where Do Unemployment Benefits Given Out, Rate In Your State

The charts  prove a valid point at least to me they do.  Unemployment benefits are not created equally, but by individual state lawmakers .. and they aren't making it easier to get benefits, but then, getting benefits when you quit, or get fired has always been about being prepared to win an unemployment hearing from the moment you apply for benefits.  This means you shouldn't want to be clueless about your rights in the workplace.

Click the images to enlarge.

2006 Benefit Recipiency

2013 Benefit Recipiency

Tips About Preparing for an Unemployment Appeal Hearing

Tip #1 comes from a conversation I had with a hearing officer who conducted appeal hearing.

Don't throw mud at the wall hoping it will stick.

Basic I know, but apparently, it needs to be said .. over and over.

The ability to win requires an objective approach .. which is not how even I, normally roll.

But trust me, repeating the appeal process thousands of times is great training to see it is not just the employer who should know the basic rules about unemployment insurance benefits eligibility requirements.

So I did, what I thought would be the next best thing since you might not ever get the chance to be a UI hearing coordinator.  

I answered thousands of question about getting unemployment benefits,  

Via the Unemployment Appeal  blog.

Identify The Party Who Must
Prove and Sustain Good Cause

Did you know non-attorneys can practice unemployment law in thirty-nine states.

Did you ever think you'd have to consider who must sustain a "burden of proof" as part of your winning appeal strategy.

"What's My Line" -   A panel of celebrities in TV's younger days,  They asked questions of a contestant to peg their precise occupation.

What's The Story
Behind The  Unemployment Appeal?

Common Unemployment Benefit Questions are one thing, but Answers were intended to focus a story on issues of UI law.

Undoubtedly,  I lost the attention of a lot of unemployed people .. just by asking .. too specific a  question to drag a part of the story out I sensed might not of been shared with me.  

Whatever the case, my intent was to focus YOU to see your issue of law matters.

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