Can I Collect Unemployment Benefits?

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To collect unemployment benefits my assumption, that both parties to a claim should expect a state unemployment insurance office to resolve the issues affecting monetarily qualifying and non-monetary eligibility, impartially and fairly.

However, neither is a guarantee of accuracy and with only three basic reasons to end an at-will employment relationship where a lack of work, basically means the fault wasn't that of the employee, we're left with two ways to terminate an at-will employment relationship, also covered by unemployment insurance, that can bring the worst out in both employees and employers.

It happens .. when cause must be attributable to the fault of the other party.

There's no reason employees and employers alike, shouldn't want to avoid the burden of proof, or become acquainted with how to prove a burden by making the basic argument relevant to law, rules, and regulations an unemployment department pay attention to.  Also good understand if all you must do is rebut why the  burden can't be met.

Slinging mud is not a solid means of persuading an UI dept.   Instead know what they are looking for by reading some boring unemployment decisions.

Facts benefit from being weighted by documentation (evidence).  But the truth without evidence benefits from a common sense approach to tell the truth in such a way that it can improve your own credibility on the subject of the cause for a job separation.  That story is what come out at the end of the line .. which is often the first unemployment appeal hearing.

At least this is how I learned unemployment insurance works .. no matter which side of the unemployment story you're on.

The Burden of Proof Requires a Moving Party to Sustain Good Cause for Ending the Employment Relationship

Initial claim determinations are made based upon the available information. Not even a person initially allowed to collect unemployment can escape the fact that all determinations come with appeal rights for an interested and presumably, the aggrieved party to exercise.

Being aggrieved, is a matter of perspective and so is a matter of sending an unemployment appeal letter in a timely fashion so you can argue your heart out for, or against benefits at ...

Unemployment Appeal Hearings 


Leveling the playing field through questions and answers  In the past, I've attempted to offer free advice to people working through their issues with collecting unemployment.  Ignorance of how unemployment works, is in my opinion one of the the basic drawbacks and/or hurdles for those who are denied correctly and those who might have had a legitimate argument to actually collect unemployment benefits. 

Unemployment Questions and Answers

Of course, I hope you will at least see why I think unemployment services are a better value .. than free answers to get you at least thinking about proving and rebutting burdens.

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