How Do I Win My Unemployment Appeal?

Can you tell me how to win my unemployment appeal hearing?  It's a question I'm asked a lot.

Well, it's a tall question, and I'm not a miracle worker.  For me, just estimating your chances of collecting, or not losing benefits at the crucial first hearing .. is contingent upon whether you have any workable quasi-legal merits, or a lack thereof to argue with.

I learned on the job, while prepping for unemployment hearings as an employee of a third party agent managing unemployment claims for thousands of your employers. 

The merits I write and talk about are relevant to the stated cause for your separation from a job.  The cause you choose when you apply for unemployment, can be different that what your employer tells the UI dept.  

Logically, the cause should stick close to what occurred as the final incident.. and of course, how unemployment laws will be .. or should be applied to the cause and the merits.

In all likelihood,  I can tell you how I would go about winning your first unemployment hearing if it were me, but I also know preparation can be a highly individualized

for either party when the  emphasis should be placed on a quasi-legal concept related to unemployment law, to make them capable of winning the first hearing.

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Unemployment Services We Provide

When you're interested in professional coaching, or  professional unemployment hearing representation, please use the appropriate and secure email form.

Neither is free, but then winning an unemployment appeal hearing can be work just learning what you don't know, but need to about getting unemployment benefits.

Alternatively, if you think professional services are a luxury, feel free to browse the free articles, or find more free information about how unemployment benefits work in the form of Q&As.  

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail - Benjamin Franklin

Appealing a Denial of Unemployment Benefits

Learning your unemployment claim has resulted in a denial of unemployment benefits can feel like you've been kicked in the stomach, but after you recover you may still truly believe you lost your job through no fault of your own and follow up with an appeal to get a hearing scheduled to show the initial claim determination, which was based upon only the available information at the time, was erroneous.

It's time you learn just a few basics about how unemployment appeals work before you move on from the claim section, to the appellate section of an unemployment administrative law agency.

Lets start with the letter to request a lower level unemployment hearing.

How Not to Write an Unemployment Appeal Letter for a Denial of Unemployment Benefits

At this point, it doesn't matter to me whether you were discharged for supposed misconduct, or denied for voluntarily quitting without good cause .. y'all need to stop writing those untenable .. self-disqualifying short stories where you spill your guts instead of requesting a hearing ..  Hopefully, by the time you get to the first hearing, you'll know how you should spill your guts and about what.

Sample Unemployment Appeal Letter   Think .. KISS

The Reason You're Unemployed is Quasi-Legal and Subject to a Burden of Proof

Burden of what?  Burden of proof ..

Yes, unemployment appeal hearings have a burden and it's the same as the one found in Judge Judy's small claim court .. where she chews through people for not knowing, or understanding their burden to prove .. whatever they're claiming is true.   I can relate to her frustration as knowing the burden  is basic and often enables you to direct, control and confine your argument to only what is relevant to win the case.

For purposes of unemployment benefits .. we look to the moving party, to know who will be assigned the burden to prove good cause .. and in some instances, such as when an employer magnanimously offers the opportunity to quit in lieu of discharge, see it is avoiding the unemployment burden that may very well be the reason behind the offer.

Can you collect unemployment when you quit a job?

Can you collect unemployment when you get fired?

And while we're discussing moving parties .. maybe it's time you learn why quitting isn't often the first, but the last option to prove you had good cause to quit .. unimpulsively.

I Was Approved for Unemployment, But The Employer Appealed - Can They Do That?

Yes, employers appealing an initial determination allowing unemployment benefits is not only allowed .. since they pay the tax that funds your benefits,  but it is literally how I learned about unemployment insurance benefits and that in turn, is why this website was built for claimants.

However, if your employer has appealed your benefits, you have more to lose than just a hearing.  Employers everywhere tend to fight benefits as a matter of course and whether they be right, wrong, or indifferent to those important merits many employees are ignorant of and fail to use properly for their own benefit once at an unemployment hearing.

Here's my unemployment story .. which included a meritless employer appeal .. it just so happens I saw coming from a long way off and prepared for while I was still their employee.

Unemployment Benefits Questions and Answers

What is Good Cause When You Quit a Job

Unemployment when you quit a job puts you directly in the driver's seat of needing to prove you also had good cause for quitting a job which means fault can be attributed to the work, or the employer.

Questions and Answers About Proving Good Cause to Quit

What is Good Cause When You Get Fired

The good news about unemployment when  you get fired, burden of proof to have good cause (misconduct connected to the work) has been shifted to your employer.  

Questions and Answers About Rebutting Misconduct

About the Levels of Unemployment Appeals

As a party's disagreement (unemployment appeal) escalates to the next level for appeals, the chances of being successful decline.  This is because the record of the first appeal hearing is the foundation upon which we build more technical quasi-legal appeals and eventually leave the UI administrative agency to appeal to real courts of law.

Unemployment Appeal Questions and Answers

Unemployment Benefit for Temporary Employees

Wondering about my pet peeve?

Temporary staffing companies who fight unemployment benefits with their lowball tricks and special unemployment benefits disqualification provisions in law, are at the top of my list for peeving me off.

Questions and Answers about Unemployment Benefits for Temporary Employees

Why Suitable Work is Important to Know About

Once you make it to your state's unemployment law do a ctrl+f and look for the term suitable work.  It's scattered throughout the law and it isn't found there for no damned good reason.  

Now ... the question is .. can you explain why you quit, or refused a job that wasn't suitable work?

Questions and Answers About Suitable Work

Unemployment Benefits While Going to School

Let's assume it doesn't make sense to quit a job to go to school and collect, which is addressed in law, but the treatment of students varies by state .. even if the student is going to school to train to get a job after losing a job through no fault of their own.  Awareness of your state cannot be overstated as being important.

Questions and Answers About Collecting Unemployment While Going To School

State Unemployment Insurance Laws

You don't need to know everything there is to know about unemployment insurance, but you do need to know what it is in an unemployment law that makes it possible for you to collect benefits.

Qualifying Monetarily for Unemployment Benefits

Most unemployment claims are initially determined two ways.  First, you get what they call the monetary determination.  It qualifies you for the amount of benefits you can receive, based upon wages paid to you during your claims base period and determines the weekly benefit amount you will receiving if found otherwise eligible to receive benefits based upon the reasons for separation from a job.  Some people believe the first monetary determination means they get benefits .. If only it were really that simple.

Questions About Qualifying for Unemployment Benefits 

Read the full disclaimer here: provides only information with the perpetual hope it may be potentially educational for those looking to find alternative advantages to the disadvantage of ignorance which denies benefits that might otherwise be yours.

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