Winning an Unemployment
Appeal for Benefits

Some days I think not restricting tips to the unemployed in just one state was the biggest bone-headed novice move I could of made back in 2006.   But then if I had, I wouldn't be able to refer unemployed claimants to professional hearing reps for the list of states just to your right today.

Coordinating unemployment insurance appeals for employers including having to contract independent hearing reps and although the job made me weary from all the work I had to put into preparing for even meritless appeals, that is in fact what got me to dream of a day when a new way to earn a living would fall right into my lap and I'd never have to think constantly, while I worked .. in terms of how unemployment insurance works.  

But in 2006 dreaming ceased and my own unemployment experience became the match that lit my fire.

And the match was struck by nothing less than the tricks I already knew about being employed to not used pay me benefits for a lack of work claim.  Then came the fuel that forced me to go back to the same old job, only now as a benefitless temp employee for six months.  It was early three more years before the employer gave me what I knew could be good cause to quit. 

This website is not about not wanting to help employers out with unemployment insurance claims even an unemployed person can see they are right to fight.  

But it is primarily about extending services and tips to those unemployed people I know are sincerely looking for real help and understanding about unemployment benefits and deserve an active advocate that happens to know a bit more about why someone can collect.   Especially, if their employer is the type to interfere with the orderly process of unemployment and use indifference to justify some of the more questionable strategic best practices used to manage the cost of unemployment claims with an arbitrariness that can sometimes still, blow my simpleminded .. mind.

Meeting and Rebutting a Burden of Proof is What Collecting and Denying Unemployment Benefits is About.  

What is Good Cause for Dropping the Axe on a Working Relationship

There's lots of free questions about getting unemployment, and I'm also a lot picker now about what new questions I'll answer, but you can email me for a consultation, if you don't have the time to read any Q&As.

The subject of an unemployment question might range from how to go about applying for unemployment benefits, to preparing for the claims interview process (intended to investigate and gather information about the reason provided by both you and an employer) to problems with conditional eligibility requirements such as being able and available for suitable work,  complying with state job search requirements, accepting, or refusing suitable work and  let's not forget overpayments for both fraud and non-fraud issues.

Although we can look to unemployment laws for a lot of basic answers,  laws can't explain how it is you should argue an issue to why you did lose your job through no fault of your own.  

Unemployment insurance law is called, quasi-legal administrative law for a reason.

Hmm.. maybe that also explains why the first unemployment hearing is often called a tribunal

Can You Collect Unemployment
When You Quit a Job

The basic rule about unemployment when you quit is you have to prove your reason was with good cause must be attributable to the employer.  

Q&A's about quitting and unemployment may help you see benefits after resigning is often without good cause .. To say it is impossible, would be a blatant disregard of unemployment laws that just require you to meet the burden of proving what made quitting not your fault.  

Read the Voluntary Quit Q&As...

Can You Collect Unemployment Benefits When Fired

The basic rule about unemployment when you get fired is your employer must prove you're guilty of work related misconduct.

Q&As about getting fired and collecting unemployment when getting fired may help you to see why it's essential to be honest with yourself when looking at the employer's burden. What can they can prove as fact? What can't they prove? What can you show that will benefit your position?

Read the Discharged for Misconduct Q&As...

Unemployment Eligibility Questions and Answers

All unemployment eligibility questions as far as I'm concerned can lead to an unemployment hearing and the questions and answers are not confined to how to get unemployment benefits initially, but branch off to various conditional eligibility issues of keeping your benefits intact and unflagged.

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