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Already cleared for school last semester. Do I tell them about this upcoming semester?

by Anonymous

I started collecting unemployment in California about a year ago and signed up for a fall 2010 semester at a community college. It was full time and all evening/ online classes so it was not an issue. Then I signed up for classes again in the spring 2011 semester and reported again as "beginning school or training." When I was called for the interview, the interviewer was confused because she said I had already been cleared for school. I explained to her that I thought I was only cleared for the last semester, she preceded to ask me what time and type the classes were and if I would drop a class if I was offered work.

So she really confused me and didn't clear it up for me. Am I already cleared for school this upcoming fall 2011 semester? Or do I check the beginning school/training box again for the new semester?


I had no idea that unemployment only cleared you for a semester at a time. Personally, I don't think I would have raised the issue again if I had been cleared once.

The important question in California is if you will still be looking for a job while in school and if one is offered to you .. whether you will then be willing to put a suitable job above continuing to go to school, whether that means rearranging your school schedule, dropping a class, or quitting school entirely if it happens to interfere with your ability to accept suitable work.

So, I suppose the EDD interviewer was confused as I am, because I doubt many would be so honest as to throw another flag on their claim which prompts another phone interview about being available for a job.

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Jul 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I suppose I figured I had to say something each time is because for both interviews, they asked me when the semester ended. So if I don't check that box again, I won't get in trouble?

That, is not what I said. I said I had no idea they reviewed school attendance and availability for work each semester and that personally I don't think I would have raised the issue again if I didn't have to. But then, I'm no longer collecting unemployment .. so I might be just a bit more relaxed about the possibility of losing benefits .. or .. repaying them.

Although, I did voluntarily stop collecting benefits when I knew I was no longer able and available and had stopped applying for work .. because life happened.

The question that is asked every time you file a continuing claim for benefits in my state is.

Did you start or attend school this week?

Doesn't say a thing about semesters.

Sep 08, 2011
Full-time school and looking for part-time work while collecting unemployment
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same situation with collecting unemployment and attending school. I just started full-time classes last week and haven't had to report as starting school yet, but I will have to report it on my claim form this week. I'm planning to get a part-time job. Will they still pay UI benefits if I'm looking for part-time work? I was also wondering if they actually check your class schedule to verify if you're taking night classes. I read something about still qualifying for benefits if you're available for part-time work.


I do know if you limit yourself to looking for part-time work only .. you will be endangering your benefits .. even if you're collecting from a state that does have a part-time worker provision or one that sometimes interprets a law favorably for part-time workers.

If you tell me which state .. I'll try to find more info for you to read about how limiting yourself to part-time work can effect benefits as this is part of the overall problem in many states.


Sep 25, 2011
I am in the same situtaion now with school
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone!

I got a letter from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Unemployment Office telling in the letter that I may not entitled to benefits because I am in school/training. As I understood from reading your experience being on unemployment plus at school, there is a problem there. All my courses on-line, I am approved by a division of training, they even tried to help be with a tution-waiver, I have a developed plan for my future training with a counselor from the division of training. I am going to have an interview anyway with a claim examiner. What are my chances in future? Does anyone suggest anything or not?
With respect

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