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being late

by lissa

I worked for the company for 4 years lots and lots of overtime never got paid they say they don't have to. I started in Jan 06 late twice in Nov 09 never got a verbal just wrote up at one time for those. Late again in Jan 10 tried to call supervisor she would not call back. Showed up to work worked, 3 days later and then fired. I'm also 5 mths pregnant and just started showing. Due to there policy you get a verbal, write up, then fired. I only got wrote up. I was told by supervisor I had to sign the write up. Also she stated on the write up i claimed my time. But it is her job to catch that not mine. Also on the discharge paper it said i didn't even call supervisor to give reason for being late but I did try calling she would not call back. But was told to sign the paper to get my pay check.

Hi Lissa,

What do you mean by "Also she stated on the write up i claimed my time. But it is her job to catch that not mine."

Being on time to work is a duty reasonably owed to the employer.

Were there boxes on that first written warning that were checked. It's not uncommon for a write-up for two occurrences to have the "verbal" and the written warning boxes checked.

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