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Bullied at work by sup and other employees

by tracie

I need to know since I have my witnesses who will testify on my behalf at the unemployment hearing and documents from my therapist who I now see due to this behavior what else do I need? I can't just quit my job I have children and now encountered medical problems because if this. Please help as I was verbally screamed at again on Friday and have to go into work tomorrow.

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Jan 11, 2015
Need to know what - Do I think I'd quit, if in your position?
by: Chris

If you are asking me if I think you have good cause to quit .. I cannot tell you because as usual, I have someone telling me what they believe their employer is guilty of and nothing that smacks of what they have done to try to preserve, or correct a situation at work.

Does your employer have 50 or more employees making FMLA an option due to the medical issues you now have?

Does your employer have an employee handbook with a complaint process that you can follow to try to resolve the bullying you are experiencing?

Bullying itself is not illegal .. but then again it might be if it includes comments, or actions by a boss and co-worker that might warrant an EEOC complaint.EEOC complaint.

But, then again, neither is taking action (professional-like) and documenting your efforts to correct and/or preserve your employment for good cause to voluntarily quit, that also rises to a level judged to be sufficient to collect UI benefits after you quit a job .. not to mention documenting employer action a reasonable person (a standard of law used in UI hearings) would also believe were unreasonable.

I can tell you only one thing for certain right now, feeling desperate can seldom be made to work to one's advantage if it's benefits for a quit you are after.

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