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Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of the State of Florida?????

by Char

I asked a question before but have a new one. They stopped my money coming for making $150 in a 2 week period and had got a license for cleaning. They won't let me even go on now and put in no earning since that time. I did call and got a message saying on June 6 that they sent a check for $425.00 but no check has came. Still no one has called to check about the earning I had claimed. Still no money coming as of yet. We have called over and over but can not get on to talk to a person. Please help if can. Thanks Char

Hi Char,

I really can't help. This is something you have to talk to the State of Florida about. It's an administrative function of the state.

I think you will just need to be persistent.

I've changed your title in hopes that some kind person may have a tip as to what is the best way to contact the state.

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Nov 05, 2009
Florida Unemployment Line
by: Anonymous

Please call 800-204-2418. Please be advised the lines are overwhelmed and it took me three days to talk to an actual person...most of the time the line just hangs up on you if they have more callers than they do operators. But don't give up and try calling early in the day!!

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