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Can I collect unemployment if I quit my job because I knew of another job opening up ?

by Dean Jackson
(Ellensburg, WA)

After two years of successful work with my previous employer I gave fair and ample notice that I am seeking a job with a local university. I had "heard" about the job opportunity at the university "coming-up" later in the summer of 2008.

I then proceeded with appropriate notice of resignation to my employer three months prior to my last day of work.

As it turned out, the job at the local university was de-posted from the university's website and I was told the university decided not to fill the job at this time.

I have very recently applied for unemployment benefits as a result of the above.

I quit my job and gave good faith disclosure to my former employer that I was seeking a wonderful opportunity at the university. All were happy for me and my decision.

Any help on my question would be appreciated.

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Oct 02, 2008
Quit for another job in Washington
by: Chris


Because you voluntarily quit for another job, you'll be disqualified. You may have had a personally compelling reason for quitting, but it is not good cause for unemployment benefits, which are entirely employer funded in WA.

Here's the link to Washington State's statute for voluntary quits. The disqualification is 7 weeks AND you must return to "bona fide" work and earn 7 times your weekly benefit amount. The statute also has language that the work one returns to can't be a "sham".

So if you are a teacher and you go to work at a burger joint to satisfy the disqualification, they'll be raising their eyebrows.

Since you have applied for UI benefits, your employer will protest that you voluntarily quit for another job and that continuing work was available, along with your resignation letter...

Done deal.


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