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Can I move out of state and collect unemployment?

by Chris -
(United States)

I get asked this question a lot, so I thought I would show you what I check when someone asks me if they can continue to collect unemployment if they move out of state.

In general there isn't anything prohibiting most people from moving out of the state from where there unemployment benefits are coming from .. except a handful of states have what is called "Locality provisions".

So when someone asks I always have to know what state they are talking about .. and then I check the same resource I always begin with .. the United States Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration or DOLETA for short.

I open the "Nonmonetary Eligibility" pdf and go to page 23 where it says this.

Locality - Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, and South Carolina require that workers be available for work in a locality where their base-period wages were earned, or in a locality where similar work is available or where suitable work is normally performed. Illinois and Utah consider workers to be unavailable if, after separation from their most recent work, they move to and remain in a locality where opportunities for work are substantially less favorable than those in the locality they left. Arizona and Utah require that, at the time they file a claim, workers be a resident of their state or of another state or foreign country that has entered into reciprocal arrangements with the state. Oregon, Utah and Virginia consider workers unavailable for work if they leave their normal labor market area for the major portion of a week unless the worker can establish that they conducted a bona fide search for work in the labor market area where they spent the major part of the week.

Of course every state may have their own requirements about how you change your address and making sure you register for work through the state you move to. They might also question your availability for work if you forget and mark the box on your continuing claim that you were able and available for work while you were moving. Just keep this in mind and make sure you are

able to account for your every move .. and you should be fine.

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May 26, 2015
Changing Texas address to California
by: Chris -

Clearly, to continue collecting benefits from the state of Texas you need to change your address.

But, it never hurts to inform yourself of any locality provisions (discussion begins on page 26 which may, or may not be found in unemployment laws to influence your decision about moving.

You would of course still have to comply with a job search and all other conditional eligibility requirements to continue collecting, once you're in California and to be aware there may be an A&A issue during the time it takes you to move if you state you were able and available for work in that week.

May 26, 2015
Moving out of texas claiming unemployment
by: Tyler

i am currently drawing unemployment in texas due to a layoff and am going to have to move back to california to my hometown soon to be able to stay above water. will i still be able to claim my texas benefits if i move out of state?

Sep 23, 2013
Out of UI state into a state with double the weekly pay.
by: Anonymous

I had to move to Utah from Phoenix, Arizona because lost my job(fired), turns out it was a illegal dismissal. I was awarded by the unemployment by the company with no court or appeals. Plus the gave me a months salary, which they called a draw (a sales commission thing. I had to move and found out My "highest paid AZ rate $240.00 was only half (less)of Utah's top unemployment rate. $520.00

I still have not found work, family sickness keeps me here. My UI has run out, but EB is available.

I live in Utah, I want there rate it is almost livable. Does anyone know if this is possible.

If you want Utah's weekly unemployment benefits you will first have to find work in Utah that lasts long enough to meet the qualifying formula for that maximum Utah benefits amount.

You would also have to suffer a separation from the new work, for whatever reason, layoff, quit, or discharge that was found to be through no fault of your own.

You're barking up an imaginary tree Anonymous.


Dec 07, 2012
moving to another state
by: Anonymous

After having exhausted all my resources and choices of having a place to live due to high costs. Although I had a job, I could no longer afford the rising cost of trying to remain in Louisiana. I lost nearly everything I had to Karina. I was never able to get back on my feet even with continuous employment. I had to move or be homeless. The only choice I had was to quit my job and move to Tenn. and live with my sister. I was able to get a job just after moving here, however was laid off at no fault of my own after 1 year. My unemployment benefits amount from my former employer here is about to run out and I need to know if I will be able to draw from wages earned in Louisiana. If not, are there any funds available that I can draw from my past wages until I am able to find another job.

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