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can my employer fire me for filing unemployment?

by tina

I'm off all summer and my employer said we can not file for unemployment or we will be fired. is there any laws on this in the state of ohio?


Firing someone for filing a legitimate unemployment claim is something I suppose the employer can do if they want to .. but if would be without good cause .. because if you are experiencing a "lack of work" this summer .. you have a right to file a claim for benefits.

But please understand that I think any employer who would tell their employees something like this is not to be trusted in any way shape or form.

So I ask you .. do you have something to prove to the unemployment dept. that you have not been fired and are just temporarily out of work due to a "lack of work"?

I ask because I look forward into the future and imagine an employer willing to lie through their teeth when they respond to the "notice of claim filed".

My advice is to cover your unemployed butt from the potential of what may come from the employer.

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