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Can you refile for unemployment after being denied

by Wally

I quite my job to many reason back in Feb 09. At the time i thought i had a job lined up it didn't happen. I left my job on what many would call bad term. But at the thought of getting out of the a place where i was treat as if i was just any old associate and had people under me giving me order and telling me what to do with the boss backing them i jump at the chance to get out maybe to fast. At any rate i applied for unemployment and was denied i have since not been able to find any work in NJ or PA.

My question is can I refile my claim for unemployment or do I have to apply the 1st decision? I am being told by people that i can reapply and not be denied again. Do the stats take into account the unemployment rate and how hard it is to find a job at the time?

I live in NJ.

Hi Wally,

No, the states take into consideration the disqualification imposed when you were denied benefits.

The NJ voluntary quit disqualification can be found on their webite .. here.

It explains what you have to do to "requalify".

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Jul 05, 2011
by: Anonymous


I was fired from my job, after 3 1/2 years. I was told that I was leaving before daily work was finished, I always made sure I complete my 8 hour of the day, I was never given a writing notice about anything ever. Now I apply for unemployment benefit and was denied.
I will appeal, but what will happen after my appeal and "if" I get denied again? what can I do next?

Do you want to talk to me? Or maybe .. you just need to see more Q&A's ..

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