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Do you have a sample letter to follow for an appeal for denial of benefits?

by Karen
(Detroit, MI)

I need a sample letter to follow and correct words to use to write an appeal letter. I need this letter in (5) days to meet the 30 day deadline.

Hi Karen,

No, I've just never thought that I needed one because I suggest keeping them simple and to the point .. and do all the worrying about preparing for the hearing.

But I suppose I could write one for you right now.

Determination # (if there is one)

Please let this serve as my appeal of the attached determination dated (insert the mailing date)

The reason for my appeal is because I disagree with the determination which denied unemployment benefits under (insert the statute #)

Don't like that one?

I would like to appeal the attached determination denying unemployment benefits and request that a hearing be scheduled to review the facts.

The reason for my request is because I believe the determination to be in error.

Karen, I never thought it necessary to provide a sample appeal letter because in most states .. as long as you provide your name, SSN, and simply state I APPEAL, you'll get your lower level hearing.

Now some states are different, but they send some fairly detailed instructions.

I actually address appeal letters on this page.

I apparently had a lot to say about appeal letters when I wrote that page. Maybe I should shorten it up some.

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Oct 21, 2009


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