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Fired for misconduct

by Erika Guerrero
(Chicago, Il USA)

I was fired on July 15 2010 in Chicago IL by my manager.

I worked under a bad hostile environment. My manager wrote me up for a no call no show on 2/6/10 she screwed up with the schedule and had nobody working with that doctor that day and she pinned it on me and another coworker and clamied she had made a revised schedule which we never saw and when I asked her why didn't she hand them out like she usually does she said I am not your baby sitter to hold your hand. And in march I was absent for 3 weeks suffering from panic and anxiety attacks with high blood pressure that I acquired because of her. She made me do things like forge temp logs and banyon kit logs because she never kept up with them at work otherwise we would be in big trouble. I couldn't take it and I became an awful person to my family because I felt so bad and sick about my job to much pressure. She constantly reminded me that insubordination was means for termination. So I received my written warning I missed again in June 1st and 2nd for the same reason that I was sick and when I came back to work I was laid with my final warning. after that I tried my best to take my meds and try to deal with the situation but on July 9th I arrived late to my job let me say that this was the first time that I was ever late to work for this employer I overslept because the meds I took for the anxiety just knocked me out. So on July 15 I was discharged stating because I was late. But other employees also on there final warning were always late and they never got discharged as me. She said that they have a 7 min grace period but in reality when I asked her boss its not true. I was given my benefits and was ruled in my favor so after two months of receiving money I got a letter for reconsideration because it was a misconduct and I was ineligible for benefits so I filled an appeal IDES was the one that filled this not the employer what can I do please help.

Why were you allowed benefits?

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Jul 16, 2012
Who really did Misconduct
by: Anonymous

I worked in collections for a company. Another collector called a former customer I had. The customer said I asked inappropiate questions; like; Are you married ? Said I stalked her. Customer was contacted on Saturday, I was fired on Tuesday. I did not know anything. I was called in to conference, read charges and fired. I was fired 6 months from first contact to customer. The customer called in 5 months later and spoke to me. She used me, to give excuse, why she didn't pay on her loan. She still did not pay on her loan ,as promised,after I was fired. I was so surprised being fired, I called company next day to find out reason of termination. They said misconduct and I could be fired without any reason given in IL. The misconduct charge blocks my unemployment. The new HR person told me that they would not block my unemployment. They did. I worked there for over 3 yrs with one write up, after 3 new Managers and 3 Directors.

Did you appeal to a hearing if your unemployment was blocked? I having a hard time figuring our how the employer actually blocked your unemployment for an uncorroborated customer complaint of stalking without evidence of some kind to convince a hearing officer you were indeed guilty of work related misconduct.

Unquestionably, stalking a customer would be misconduct, but I also know that discharges for just one customer complaint .. are hard to sustain.

Sep 25, 2011
fired for misconduct
by: Anonymous

I was fired for misconduct after 5yrs with the compaany. the employer stated that two customer complaints were about me
the only written warning i got was correcting one customer about changing the name on the product
the warning notice stated was i warned previously
the answer was no but they gave me a one day suspention without pay
i came back from vacation and was told i was terminated from another unhappy custome. theysaid i made an off color remark to which i neve would do that.
the h.r. director stated that i would be eligible for rehire and he also stated that it wasn,t misconduct

I was denied unemployment benifits but i am appealing.
can i request anything from my personnal file from my employer called a right to know

what else can i do

Read any of the many other answers which were specific to being fired for customer complaints.

That is what the search bar is for .. to save me from typing the same questions over and over and to address in general terms .. what I would do, or at least consider, if I were in the same boat.

Nov 03, 2010
fired for misconduct
by: Erika

Do I have to submit my unemployment file to the officer? I tried obtaining my file and was told that I have to wait till my hearing?

You have to submit any documentation you want to put into the record of the hearing, per the instruction provided with your hearing notice.

Sep 25, 2010
by: erika

I filed for unemployment I got an interview with an adjusticator he ruled in my favor and I stated receiving benefits and two months later I get a letter in the mail stating a reconsideration and I was found inegible for benefits so I filed an appeal and now Its just a waiting game I have to wait for a hearing date

Contact the department and request the documentation the employer submitted with the reconsideration. At least I would assume there was some submitted.

The employer will have to resubmit it for the hearing in Illinois .. if I remember my IL hearing procedures correctly.

You need to know why and what caused the reversal .. to begin to build a case that rebuts what you did was misconduct.

Sep 25, 2010
by: erika

The first hearing I won the letter I got stated that there was no misconducted and I did noy harm the employer there for the ruled in my favor but is it possible for them to appeal till now what are my chances

Now I'm confused. Have you actually had an appeal hearing yet?

I know you said you filed an appeal the the reversal for the reconsideration, but have you had an hearing yet?

If you're still waiting on the first hearing .. you need to prepare for it.

Documentation and or witnesses .. that kind of stuff.

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