How can I check the status of my unemployment application in Florida?

by Dustin
(Palm Harbor, FL)

In the state of Florida how can I check on the status of an application?

Hi Dustin,

Florida says:

6. I have not received any benefit checks. How can I find out the status of my claim?

You can call the Claims Assistance Center toll free at1-800-204-2418. Choose the language and then option 0 and the customer service representative will advise concerning the status of your claim. Florida answers some FAQ's on this page which is where I found the information.

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by: Linda Cromley

I filed my first 2 weeks work search on the internet. I have been determined monetarily eligible, but am awaiting eligibility status. I cannot get through to a rep on the 800# without my pin. They claim my pin is invalid.
I went to thier website and changed my pin. I called again, and I am still not considered valid. What is the secret to talking to a live Florida unemployment rep, when you are now living in NJ? HELP!!!!!!


I'll just have to hope someone dealing with Florida unemployment can shed some light for you with an answer.

Although I have heard from folks in other states that the trick is to not select the "English" option, but another offered language.

Seems the bilingual unemployment workers .. aren't quite as busy, but can still assist English only speaking unemployed.


impossible to access this phone numbers optins
by: Anonymous

You call its a recording. If you make one mistake it drops the call. If you tryt to check status it drops the call. If you enter your pin it doesnt understand your selection. The whole automated system is fucked. I cannot get ahold of a human being no matter what. And selecting spanish hangs up as well. FUCK YOU FLORIDA UNEMPLOYMENT.

need help
by: Anonymous

i need to make change on my application and cant what is the problem and cant get through on the phone u people are supposed to help us and u are not


Do you want to complain about or to the people at Florida Unemployment Department?

This website is not associated in anyway, with any state unemployment department.

The 1 800-204 2418 is crap!
by: Anonymous

I filed and got a letter saying that I'm eligible. then I go on the internet and can't seem to find where to check my claim, then called the number they give,, over, and over and over, and it doesn't recognize my pin, it doesnt work if change it, it always drops the call!!! Ah! I'm so f ing frustrated. For more than 12 years I've paid 23% in taxes and now I got laid off and need help and it's a nightmare to get a fraction of it back!! I'm about to tell them to shove that check where it fits!!

They denied my unemployment benefits, after 40 years of employement
by: James Parker

WoW This system stinks to say the leat, its very discouraging.


Pin frustrations try your last 4 on soc sec
by: Anonymous

Try ur last 4 on soc security number. Also if you live out of state i dont think you can get benefits from Florida but I am not sure. Additionally, if you wait on hold for 30 minutes to an hour eventually someone will answer and be sweet otherwise they will hang up on you as if the call was dropped. Good luck.

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