Kentucky - Credit for weeks claimed not check mailed?

I recently filed for unemployment. I requested my check yesterday and the website says I can inquire on my check after 24 hours. So, I call this morning and it says that "I have been given credit for weeks claimed but no check has been issued." Does this mean my employer is fighting it or am I jumping the gun?


From the moment you apply for benefits, you must continue to claim benefits as the state requires until finally the "nonmonetary determination is issued which either allows the benefits for the weeks you've already claimed or denies benefits .. which of course can be appealed .. while you continue to claim benefits.

I wrote a bit about the unemployment qualifying process.

I think you may be jumping the gun if you have not received, in the mail, the determination which will tell you whether you are "allowed benefits or disqualified from receiving benefits.

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Nov 07, 2014
Mel, it also sounds like you're still waiting for the non-monetary eligibility determination
by: Chris

The determination that tells you how much unemployment you'll get is called the monetary.

It should state somewhere on the document that the amount is how much you will receive if you are found to be "otherwise eligible".

The non-monetary determination is issued after the state investigates the cause for separation.

Have you been contacted by a claim investigator yet to get your side of the story?

Nov 07, 2014
Still waiting
by: Mel

I applied for UI benefits 7 weeks ago. The system still states I have been given credit but no chick was issued. I registered with the career center and gave 12+ years work experience on my resume. Ihave done everything the office has told me needed to be done. I recieved my approval letter and the paper that told me what my benefits would be. I waited past the appeal date and have legal documents that my former employer is not allowed to deny my UI benefits. Still waiting for payment.

Oct 17, 2014
unemployment credited
by: sarah

I had to request my money yesterday and now when I call to inquire its saying I have been credited for that week but a check hasn't been issued. And I haven't got a letter in the mail saying I've been approved or denied. Its been 3 wks since I filed. Only thing I got in the mail was the booklet. What does this mean? Hopefully I didn't get denied


Ah .. you're still waiting for the eligibility interview so a non-monetary eligibility determination as to whether you will receive benefits based upon your separation from work can be issued.

Sounds to me your unemployment claim is progressing as it should be and maybe you haven't yet read that booklet you received that I'd think explains what you have in hand and why it's important to keep filing in each week.

The "monetary determination" which qualifies a person based on wages in a base period for the weekly benefit amount comes first before they receive benefits if found "otherwise eligible" with the non-monetary (second claim determination).

Generally - it can take up to eight weeks before someone begins to receive benefits and although a long time for someone without a job through no fault of their own .. this is how it works.


Jun 25, 2013
no chcck
by: Anonymous

Anyone that has called and no check sent - did u end up getting your check? Bills don't wait and it's been 3 weeks. I'm wondering if anyone has got a check after waiting

Mar 01, 2013
confused and aggravated
by: Anonymous

I also called when told to,shown proof was looking for work and showed papers signed and stamped from the school I attend as told and still only get credit no check issued for 4 weeks now

Then try this. Contact the Kentucky attorney general's office and tell them how long you've been waiting for a determination on the issue.

Tell them what you have provided to the claims office, how long ago and let them know all you want is an appealable determination to get this show on the road .. one way or another.

Dec 14, 2012
credit no check isued
by: Anonymous

I have been receiving benefits for 4 weeks and this time I didnt receive my check. It said I was given credit but no check issued!? I have done everything required and have been applying for work legitimately and regularly. I have been to one class two days ago, which is also required. Now I am getting this response. I have done nothing wrong and dont know what is going on. I went in today to talk to them and they said that they had their last appointment at 10 am!!! They wouldn't even tell me why. I dont know what to do I just want to cry.

Nov 29, 2011
No checks being issued
by: Anonymous

It dd this for me as well I received a letter saying how much I would get but it never actually sd approved. If its saying no check has been issued then you're not approved yet. At least that's what the unemployment office told me

Nov 29, 2011
Check not issued
by: No check

Everything went through with my unemployment. I got a paper in the mail saying I was approved and for how much. I called last Sunday and it said I was credited for the weeks and everything I called today about my check status and it says the weeks were approved but no check gas been issued and hangs up! What is going on with this anyone know?!

Sep 05, 2011
Who can I contact
by: Jmac

I filed UI and was approved for two weeks, Aug 20 and Aug 27. I called the automated number and it informed me I was approved for the weeks, but no check has been issued. Then it hung up. I currently live in florida, so it is not as if I can drive down to some office in louisville or frankfort and find out what is going on. What number can I call to get in touch with an actual person? Also, how do I prove that I have been applying for jobs?


Jul 12, 2011
credit but check issued
by: Anonymous

I claimed on June 30th and it only let me claim for one week. ????? Then it said my next claim date was for July 10th. I called and it said that I had been issued credit but no check mailed all the way up until July 10th. So I called to claim that day and it said that I would have to reopen my claim because 3wks had passed, but it didn't let me even claim my 2nd wk the first time. I visited my office and she said that I had answered a question wrong but she would put all 3wks in for me and that it takes about 4wks for determination even though youve already got a letter in the mail. So I called the day after she entered my 3wks in and it unfortunately said the same thing. You have been issued credit but no check mailed. So Im just in a waiting game at the end of this week if it says the same thing I will be paying the office another visit.

Jul 05, 2011
Still nothing.
by: Anonymous

I'm getting the same response. Im vetting credit for the weeks. But no check is being issued. It's been a month since I filed and I haven't received anything other than the paper stating of I'm approved this is how much I'll receive. How long is it going to take to find out anything.

General guidelines for the length of time allowed to a state to issue the non-monetary determination is about 4-6 weeks, but this time frame can easily be affected by the amount of claims filed .. which in turn would only affect a state's performance statistics. This doesn't really help you though .. because there is no official recourse for claimants, to my knowledge .. except to report this to the power withing a state that controls all state agencies .. usually the attorney general's office.

Personally, I would start calling to find out what's going on at about 4-5 weeks even if I had to hang on hold for hours at a time.


Apr 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yes I continued to claim my weeks as instructed. I was told via phone call a decision has been made in my case three days ago. But the phone system still says You have received credit for weeks claimed ,however,no check has been issued. I don't know if that means I got it or was denied again.

Then you need to call the department and find out where your money is .. right?

Especially if you're certain the benefits weren't directly deposited or added to a debit card .. which seems to be the way most states prefer to do things these days.

Apr 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was denied benefits and appealed the decision. I had my telephone conference and have found out a decision was made on my appeal. When I called to claim weekly benefits I checked on previous weeks and it says I was given credit for the weeks but no check processed. Does that mean I was denied again?

I really don't know what "credit" means.

Did you continue to file weekly claims for benefits while waiting for your appeal hearing?

You cannot collect backpay for the weeks you waited while being denied .. unless you filed the continuing claims.

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