Part-time work and California Unemployment

I know that you have covered this on your site but I can't seem to narrow this down enough. In the California handbook it states that when you work part-time you may earn up 125% of your pay. This is what I don't understand and I am afraid to contact Edd to ask for fear of a delay in benefits and an infamous telephone interview. It makes since if one week I work 30 hours at 20.00 per hour and then the second week, I don't work at all and receive my max benefit allowance. I am totally over my max benefit during week one. Here is my question.... Say the job is a straight 20 hrs per week at 8.00 per hour. I receive 450 per week in a benefit. So, to me it says that Edd takes your gross wage 160 and then deducts from benefit and sends me a check for 290, right. If so, I am making less by with this job and shorting myself again by the fact that taxes are being taken out. I see the value. You are working, you are having benefits taken out, extending the overall benefit allotment, etc. but if you,well 'me', already can't make it on the unemployment amount I am receiving what would motivate me to take this route?


Here's how California partial unemployment benefits work .. at least according to my understanding of the California formula for partial unemployment benefits (current year - Monetary - Table 3-8)

Collecting the max WBA of $450 they will disregard the greater of $25 or 25 percent of the wages you report when you file a continued claim.

25 percent of 160 is 40 .. which means they will reduce benfits by $120. So I would say the WBA should be $330.

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Aug 19, 2015
To: UI after exhausting SDI benefits
by: Unemployment-Tips

OMG! Do you have any idea what you just told me?

Sounds like unemployment fraud just hasn't caught up with you yet.

Aug 19, 2015
UI after exhausting SDI benefits
by: Anonymous

I have just exhausted SDI benefits and am only still working 32 hours a week can I apply for partial UI?

Nov 07, 2012
another part time question
by: Anonymous

I am wondering about the new job search requirements. I have been out of work for so long that I am thinking that part time is going to be the more short term solution to my money woes. Am I able to turn those jobs in for my job search requirements? or do they all of have to be full time I have been doing all full time but would like to be able to add the others to the pile should they ask for it.


Are you talking about job search requirements for EUB's .. or just regular California unemployment benefit job search requirement during the first 26 weeks of unemployment?

Aug 20, 2010
Got It!
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I knew that you could answer this for me!!

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