should i have a witness at my telephone appeal hearing?


This has been my second correspondence with you and you have been so helpful I have one more question!

A short story on my situation. My mother was ill 1st employer (of 8 years) would not work with me with my hours after repeated attempts, Dr note Ect. found other employment much more suitable for my situation(better pay,hours, commute.) Quit job (with a 2 week notice)(1) for job (2) only to find out job (2) had to rescind my offer due to the bad economy and their sales etc. filed for unemployment, denied because of the quit (I supplied them with DRs note, Detailed times and dates I requested 1st employer to work with me, the rescind letter I got from 2nd employer. Still they denied me. They determined It was not substantially better employment( And It definitely was!!!) why would they ever think i would have left my job if it wasnt! So the lady that rescinded my job actually called me to see if I had found another job because she felt so bad about the situation,and even offered If I wanted to do a three way phone conf during the phone hearing to help my case! Would It be beneficial? How would we do this? and do I have enough time to enter a new witness my hearing Is thursday july 2 at 1 pm! Please give me your thoughts I value them! I feel so alone on this one in making the right chioce! Please hurry back to me with any advise!
JOEL In Minn

Hi Joel,

Of course I remember you:)

Absolutely!! have her as a witness. I do not have the MN hearing procedures handy, but you should. I'm certain they came with your hearing packet. If you can't find them .. let me know .. I'll look for them online.

You have time to get this done and arranged. Generally, you only need to provide the documentation to the employer before the hearing. You'll need the phone number your witness can be reached at for the hearing .. so verify that with her.

What the heck, went ahead and linked to the Minnesota unemployment hearing instructions.

Telephone hearings at the bottom of the page.

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