Unemployment benefits claim overpayment appeal

by Tamara
(Repaying Unemployment Benefits)

I was collecting unemployment benefits after I got laid off. Three months later I found a job and STOPPED claiming the benefit weeks since.

I now get a letter stating I have to repay an over payment for failure to correctly report work and earnings for the weeks while I worked. But I never claimed any weeks since I started working and recently reapplied for benefits since getting laid off again. What are my chances of winning this appeal?
How do I go about it? Do I need a lawyer (Cant really afford one)
Please advise,

Hi Tamara,

If you do not think you can make the case for yourself that you did not receive unemployment benefits for any week you were not totally unemployed...yes, you should consult with an attorney and compare which will cost more...the attorney or repayment.

But if you can prove through use of paystubs, deposit records, etc. that the state is in error...then no. You would just need to appeal the overpayment determination or provide the documentation to make your case and ask for a reconsideration.

Sometimes, for some reason, the states keep sending money even if you stop claiming weekly benefits. If this happened to you and you accepted the money that would be a problem.

When you reopened the claim the state again checked your wage record. They detected a problem, but if you've done nothing wrong it should not be too difficult to clear things up by yourself.

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Jul 20, 2016
To Unbelievable
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

I wish I could say the same thing .. that I find this unbelievable, but I can't .. because what happened here is part of the cause I made the decision to ever start answering questions about unemployment .. which I'm no longer actively trying to do ten years later.

However, you clearly made a very valid point I keep trying to get across, that the less you know about the process of unemployment benefits, the more likely a person is to be denied benefits even after they have received a portion of the balance they might of had a right to continue collecting the remainder.

First, you wrote something that just doesn't make sense, unless you also received a "re-determination" before a hearing notice.

"Well everything was going great till I got a letter in the mail saying that my benefits were being frozen due to my company appealing."

For a state (state this happened in is as of yet, unknown) to do that, it would be an action that flies in the face of a U.S. Supreme Court Decision.

California Department of Human Resources Development v. Java

So, for your benefits to of been frozen while waiting for an appeal filed by an employer .. a lot of other things would of had to of happened that you must of been informed of by the state to include the possibility that the employer appealed a finding of an untimely appeal that may of well been with good cause.

But, which state this happened in could also be important .. and if I knew which one it was .. I'd of even looked at the overpayment recovery provision chartbook for you, since if the state is now garnishing wages, there must of also been some sort of court judgement against you as well.

You might think it's wrong what the state and the employer did to you, but it all comes down to how and why you lost a hearing due to conduct that occurred while you were off the job and on a vacation, when most employers understand a vacation suspends their at-will right to direct, control and demand you adhere to standard of conduct you must while at work.

My final thought" I think it's now to late for you to learn how t0 fight back legitimately .. because your appeal rights have definitely expired by now.

Jul 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

I got fired last year because I yelled at my manager on the phone while I was on a week vacation. They called me the next day while was still on vacation and fired me.

I called the unemployment office and they said I will have to wait to see if my company wants to appeal. A few weeks went by and got a phone call from the unemployment office stating that my company exceeded there time frame to appeal and so I started to the max amount at the time every week.

Well everything was going great till I got a letter in the mail saying that my benefits were being frozen due to my company appealing.

I called the unemployment office and they said there was no deadline and my company could appeal at anytime.

I told them that that's not what I was told and why would they give me money if there was a chance that I could be appealed.

I didn't get an answer and was told I had to go to a hearing. I went to the hearing and a day later I found out I lost the hearing. I had received over $2500.00 in benefits and told I had to pay that back. I told them they were insane and I wasn't paying any of it back. This was 2 years ago.

In just a letter in the mail 2 weeks ago and they are garnishing my wages up to 25% of my weekly pay check.Does anybody know what I can do to prove that this is wrong?

I told them they can have my taxes at the end of the year and I got no response.

I even wrote a letter showing them all my bills I have to pay and there still taking it out every week.

Jul 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

I was approved for unemployment benefits due to a lay off. Months later I found a temporary job. I then received a letter I was over paid. I paid back everything as they requested. Should I have paid back money for the time I was truly unemployed and approved for benefits. Should I get this money refunded back to me? I am in Texas.

No, you should not of been required to pay back benefits for any week you were totally unemployed and eligible to collect the full benefits amount, but then, that should be the purpose for appealing an overpayment determination that isn't always accurate as to which week the issue causing an overpayment (possibly not reporting temp employment earnings) occurred.

In other words the appeal is your opportunity to prove the amount of the overpayment should be adjusted to only include those weeks moving forward from the time the issue arised.

Jun 21, 2016
reapplying for benefits
by: John

Hi, I was laid off and started collecting unemployment. A few months later the employment agency I had signed up for sent me a possible job. I did about 6 hours of work for the client (which I thought was part of the application process since many ask me to do a writing test before hiring). I didn't put down that I had worked, and was cited for overpayment. I went before a judge to make my case, but was denied because I had filed past the deadline. So, I repaid the amount. I'm still unemployed, and am wondering if I can reapply for benefits.

No idea, as that would require me to actually read the disqualification and reasoning used by the judge that went along with this overpayment.

May 01, 2016
Why Non-Fraud Overpayments Need to Be Paid.
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

Actually, some states have the possibility of a wavier of an overpayment, if found to be for a "non-fraud" reason, such as departmental errors.

You can check to see if Massachusetts has a wavier possibility when you locate the Unemployment Repayment chartbook, found here.

Other than telling you this, I would advise you to make sure you take the issue seriously, because the other type of overpayment, or one deemed to be the unemployed person's fault, or a non-fraud overpayment in a state without the possibility of a wavier, is a huge headache and a big reason for me directing Unemployment-Tips.com at claimants.

May 01, 2016
Overpayment of Mass unemployment
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

I'm in a situation that maybe someone can help. I was laid off and after six months or 30 weeks of collecting it ended. I called unemployment at that time and asked if there was an extension; they stated no but stated to me that if I don't find a job I can call back in May and see if I can collect again. Well I did, and they stated that I qualified once again to collect because I was paid through a certain time which qualified me to collect again.

Come to find out that this was an error on their part and now they are asking me to pay back 9,800 because of their error. The supervisor told me over the phone that I was able to collect. Why do I have to pay something back that I did not do.

Mar 21, 2016
Response to "I need help"
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

I will say this.. that is a bundle of money you owe.

A bundle as in one I believe would likely exceed the top end of amounts of benefits one could collect while on long term emergency extended benefits in any state, even one of the higher paying states .. when long term emergency extended benefits were still a possibility in this country.

Because the amount is so huge, I'm assuming your overpayment is from quite some time ago and the amount also includes interest and I'm guessing a penalty for the fraud type of overpayment.

That's the type that disrupts receiving tax returns and sends people to jail.

And maybe that's your biggest problem with not being able to afford a lawyer for your problem for me was described by use of the word "court" .. in conjunction with the huge amount.

Court also puts you out of the realm of possibility where I, or any non-attorney could help you now.

The word court also suggests to me, you may of ignored prior efforts by your state department of labor before to collect the overpayment when it was a smaller amount.

But along with the penalties and interest for owing a fraud type of overpayment what should be bothering you is you may now be facing a prison sentence .. depending on which state dept. of labor is hot after you.

Which brings me to my final point.

If all you want is help, to help yourself and not what suspect I might of gleaned correctly from the lack of details you provided I would think someone truly interested in help to help themselves would of went to the useful resource page to glance through the state law overpayment comparison chart

At the very least, it might help to get you up to speed on why your question is putting a crimp in my style of answering questions then again .. maybe not .. also just a guess on my part.

Mar 21, 2016
I need help
by: Anonymous

Hi I owe the labor dept 60,000 dollars and I don't have the funds to pay a lawyer and am in court because of this.

What can I do to help myself.

Feb 23, 2016
Mass Unemployment
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

Very cool for you and very inspiring to me .. when someone lets me know they did something, instead of just sitting quietly and taking some of the crap that is currently being shoveled out by more states than Mass. or Michigan.

It's always much better for me personally, than when someone tells me someone at the unemployment department gave them a terse, or completely "questionable" answer and they let that answer defeat and prevent them from even probing the problem further. Potentially, higher up a government's food chain for a more favorable and correct answer from an attorney general's office who in most states .. is the ultimate authority responsible for keeping that state/federal partnership .. in check.

For those getting overpayments out of the blue like this, or when you first learn about one .. because the state confiscated your tax refund .. do something .. especially if you know states are using questionable overpayment recoup tactics.

Feb 23, 2016
Mass unemployment
by: Anonymous

After contacting the Atty Generals office unemployments investigations unit has corrected my issue.
They will be sending me a check for my tax refund that was seized due to them admitting it was an error on their part.

Just remember in the words
of Arnold himself "If it Bleeds we can kill it"
Anyone going through a similar issue call the unemployment investigations unit.The customer service reps
are just gonna obfuscate the truth of what you need to do.

Feb 23, 2016
State of Mass Can't produce evidence they sent a notice ofunemployment benefits overpayment via snail mail
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

You asked an involving question. But because of what I know many states are doing in the arena of recouping wrongful overpayments without appeals .. I'll bite.

The last time I had a job in the "unemployment insurance field .. at least assisting employers, was 2009.

But if I were you, I'd find a way to appeal because an email should not suffice, given there is no requirement for a person to have an email in this country, or even check one they do have with any frequency.

I may later, personally go check Mass UI law to see if there may be something there about what the state is required to do as far as notifying people about actions on a claim.

Back in 2009, not receiving official notice of anything from an unemployment law agency via snail mail, was in fact the basis of lots of arguments to benefit employers who ignored the need to fax documents that should of been sent to the TPA who was "address of record" for an employer's SUTA.

However, fairly recently, I've read a number of articles, most involving the St. of Michigan where apparently the thought of the powers that be, was the U.S.P.S. was an expensive luxury they could afford to ignore.. because they too were claiming that changes to rules, or regs that allowed notifying people who had long ago been reemployed, but still being notified via their online UI account didn't have good cause late appeals of overpayment notices .. that never went out via mail.

Pretty sure there is also some articles out there that explain that state back pedaled on that ruling and is now sending notices of anything out via the U.S.P.S again.

The differences in unemployment between MA and MI are actually quite great.

Frankly, I'm aghast. Because back in 2009 Mass was still not allowing anyone to participate in unemployment hearings .. via a cell phone .. for privacy reasons.

So that they are now telling you that because they can prove they emailed you about the overpayment and that is sufficient notification for an unemployed person .. is sort of blowing me away.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Or soon, at this rate, we will have no civil liberties left to protect in this country!

Feb 23, 2016
Mass unemployment
by: Anonymous

I collected unemployment for 3 months in the off season of my job.Returned to work for the season.4 months after returning to work they send a letter saying they sent me a notice saying i owe all benefits paid to me back due to not responding to a request for proof of identity.
The never sent any Physical letter requesting the proof.
They have no record themselves of sending one.They said they sent me an email 2 months after i stopped collecting.Is that a legal means of request? They have now seized my tax refund rendering me homeless.They never allowed me to speak with anyone regarding an appeal.Do i have a case against them?

Feb 03, 2016
Comment for "I got fired, because I called out for a family emergency
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com


I can only tell you that if this were to be my question which is late coming after the hearing decision which resulted in an unemployment benefits overpayment/repayment finding and one I did not follow through to repay, or appeal to correct the separation finding, I would call the state unemployment department in question to ask it.

The point being state recovery efforts do vary by state.

But the fact for me remains that most of the points I do make relate to overpayments being commonplace after first level appeals are filed by employers, which is why I encourage anyone to know when, how and why, one should always appeal timely, to avoid repaying benefits, or the situation you now find yourself in.

Feb 03, 2016
I got fired, because I called out for a family emergency
by: Anonymous

Hi, I got fired from my job, so I applied for unemployment, I got it for a few months. I later received a call from unemployment with my former employer trying to fight it. Long story short, they won. Now I gotta pay back over $3,000. Unemployment took my last year state tax. If I start paying on it now, will they leave my state tax this year alone or am I screwed ?

Jan 29, 2016
I can't say Dana.. because this is not enough info: I received a letter from pa ucb stating that I was over payed at fault etc...
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

Literally Dana, you're asking me for specific advice about winning an appeal to a determination issued at least three years by the state, claiming you were overpaid benefits and due to some fault of your own and that's not obvious to from your description of the determ.

In the past, there have been similar questions asked and answered about the process of discerning what can help us prove what we need to prove.

"I received a letter from pa ucb stating that I was over payed at fault etc..."

etc.... well that can be sort of important if you're me at looking at the recovery provisions for any state, let alone PA where weekly benefits can add up to a very large overpayment to be repaid, if you don't get your proof in order.

Jan 29, 2016
Upcoming Hearing
by: Dana

I have an appeal hearing coming up in two weeks. A few weeks ago I received a letter from pa ucb stating that I was over payed at fault etc... From October of 2012. Which is completely outrageous! I obviously wish to appeal this, but I do not have any of those pay stubs because I only keep those records for two years. I am still on good terms with that past employer. Is there something I can acquire from them that will show that I was laid off on a certain date, to help prove my case? Pay stubs wouldn't really help anyway, I don't think, because we only got paid once a month. I feel lost, confused and scared. Any information would be helpful!!!

Jan 21, 2016
Answer for Cherise about the overpayment.
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

First, I've no idea if it's too late for you to appeal, but you should already be aware of whatever the deadline is for you to appeal timely.

There's also a chartbook about overpayments, that should explain it's more than what you were paid because of the interest and penalties that are also assessed on a certain overpayments and state by state too, because recovery provisions can and do vary by state.

Jan 21, 2016
by: cherise

If I paid them they over payment why are they makeing me pay back more than what they over pages me. Is it too late to file an appeal.

Nov 22, 2015
Question Why It Will Not Be a Happy Holiday.
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

Frankly, the info you provided doesn't bode well, at least in my mind, for the ability to reverse what sounds correct to me .. that you were denied.

But my question is about whether the denial that reversed the initial non-monetary determination was an appealable redetermination you ignored, or a hearing decision, after your former employer appealed and you ignored the hearing notice.

Fact is, if one applies for unemployment benefits, they are expected to know how the process works and that any appeal should be filed and the resulting hearing should be attended because that's the part of the process that corrects errouneous initial claim determinations.

And employer appeal is to dispute the individual's right to collect.

A claimant's appeal is to dispute an initial denial of benefits they believe is incorrect.

The hearing decision is generally the last word.

And if an individual, before the hearing had been collecting benefits .. and they choose not to defend their right to keep on collecting .. they should definitely expect to be notified of the overpayment they now must repay.

When people ignore their right to appeal, as well as their employer's right to appeal an initial determination, they are ignoring how unemployment works and therefore, they lose by default .. without lifting a finger to understand the process they began when they filed for benefits.

Nov 22, 2015
not a happy holiday for me
by: Anonymous

I was fired for allegedly stealing. Long story short....I thought I had paid for the items and the cashier let me go. I then walked out my place of employment and no one stopped me.

I was fired three days later.

When I filed for unemployment they gave it to me. Then 2 months later they denied me and now I have to pay back the money.

They gave it to me in the first place, so why do I have to pay back it back if it was their mistake?

Also, this workplace has a lot of violations going on that are subject to dismissal. Could that help my case?

Nov 16, 2015
Overpayment confusion
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

If it is a determination saying you must repay benefits you never received, or at least used, I can only tell you this.

If it were me, I'd be appealing for a hearing, so you can at least have your day and fully address your disagreement with what you think is an erroneous claim determination.

Since you tell me you never used any of those benefits received on a card, there's got to be a record that you didn't withdraw, or use any of those funds placed on the card, kept somewhere within EDD records.

But if you were me, you might also, while waiting for an appeal hearing date to be scheduled, think about requesting a copy of your state claim file. That way you might actually see how the EDD came to it's conclusion you owe back benefits. There should be something in the file that helps you to find a way, or that actually shows what you need to show to the department, or once at the hearing .. that would help you in this situation.

Nov 16, 2015
Overpayment Confusion
by: Anonymous

I have received a letter stating that I owe back to the overpayment due to a time period I was not suppose to qualify for. But I did not know that I qualify for EDD (Yes, I was on it for a bit but have stopped) I didn't use any money that "was" in my EDD card because I didn't know I had it in there. Is there anyway I can be helped??

Aug 26, 2015
To: Hardship
by: Unemployment-Tips

The possibility of overpayment waviers is detailed state by state in the Overpayment Unemployment Law Comparison Chart found here.

Aug 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

I received a notice that a owe unemployment $3000 for not reporting my pay even thou it was only part time work. I currently am not working and have not been since May 2015 I recently was released from the hospitial from a heart attack. I have document from hospital and from my apartment complex stating possibility of eviction because I don't have any money to pay rent. Could I possible be eligible for a waiver in the state of Florida for hardship

Jun 29, 2015
Not my impression of the reason you gavie for denial of benefits
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

First of all, why did you have to repay benefits way back when if you were laid off? Didn't you question, or appeal the reason for having to repay benefits.

However, this time, it sounds like CA is either ignoring that you paid your overpayment in full, in which case you have to appeal the initial denial determination just to get the benefits for each weekly claim you filed before you went back back to work this last time

How's the system working there in California? A lot like other states trying to recover their general UI funds on the back of unemployed people .. both those at fault and those who just don't know how to work the system?

Jun 29, 2015
Unemployment is holding money
by: Anonymous

I was laid off a couple of years ago and received unemployment. After I started back to work I received a letter that I was over paid, which I paid back immediately.

From Southern California
Recently, I was laid off again and put in for unemployment. They said I was qualified but never received any checks. I was told that I was being punished and will not get any money for 5 weeks!

I did just start back to work again, but still have not received any checks. When I called they told me the money was in my account but I do not qualify to get any of it because I needed to be unemployed and fill out the forms for consecutive weeks, which I was unemployed and in which I did fill out the forms every week! My punishment for the over payment is that I do not qualify for unemployment? Even though I did pay it back and I was told that I did qualify for it?

Apr 17, 2015
First I need to know which state the overpayment is owed to
by: Chris - Unemplioyment-Tips.com

The reason I'm always asking for the name of the state is because unemployment laws vary state by state and the variances are often created by specific provisions found in law that may create a problem, or a blessed exception with regard to one specific issue of law.

This is also true for the issue of an overpayment of benefits .. it's subject to the specific recovery provisions of a state and some states actually have a provision allowing for a request (wavier) of repayment.

Have you at least attempted to call the unemployment department to ask them if the monthly payment might be made smaller, possibly with an sliding income scale?

In the end, what has happened to your wife, is why I believe the cost of being represented, or at least getting some coaching to know better how not to lose the first level unemployment hearing simply, because an unemployed person doesn't know how to best win one.

Give me the name of the state and I'll see what I can dig up that may help as a sensible next move to explore, or at minimum, tell you why you may not be able to change the monthly amount of repaying the benefits she was initially allowed to collect .. until surprise, surprise the employer appealed, failed to appear, then managed to get the first level hearing reopened.


Apr 17, 2015
Lost appeal on unemployment
by: Anonymous

My wife was fired from her job and they began to give her unemployment, she received an appeal notice in the mail and attended the appeal, unfortunately the employer did not because he was "unaware" of the appeal. Again she received another appeal notice in the mail and this time both parties attended. My wife lost the appeal and they want $3600 in increments of $202 a month. Unfortunately she is seven months pregnant and is having a hard time finding a job to even help me pay rent and keep food on the table much less paying for overpayment of unemployment. My question is I am able to provide the state with $50 a month but that's stretching it as it is, can they begin to take my wages or mess with my credit if we're not able to pay each month the full asking statement or is this just a scare tatic to make us pay. I'm def wanting to get them there money but simply cannot afford to tack on another $200 a month. Any advice would be a blessing. Thanks in advance.

Mar 17, 2015
What you need to do right now is get an appeal into the EDD, on time NOW!
by: Chris

I find it troubling that you used the word "letters" and not just the singular because you also said you have only attempted to call the EDD.

My guess is the first letter was an overpayment determination and subsequent letter are some sort of demand to pay it. You must appeal a "claim" determination timely to preserve your appeal rights, so you can fight what is a very large overpayment .. even if it's a mistake by the EDD. That's the process and as much as people think an unemployment department can be reasoned with, the process is mandated by the laws involved ..

On a more positive note, it is not, and I will repeat for effect, NOT beyond the realm of possibility the EDD has made a horrible boo-boo like maybe transposing just two number in an SSN .. or that they may still need to detect it was someone else who may of used your SSN to file a fraudulent claim in the interim fifteen years .. which is where I'm personally leaning without bein able to see your documentation.

What I do know is each state has it's own overpayment recovery provisions, so that they are only now sending you notices of an overpayment to collect that amount is to say the least, a bit fishy itself as California is allowed to offset overpayments for up to six years with tax refunds .. and you didn't mention that happening to you .. so I'm assuming this is a rather recent overpayment they are trying to get now.

You can find the overpayment provision chart at DOLETA's State Unemployment Law Comparison Charts.

I link to them here.

And get that appeal out and sent as instructed on the first determination/letter you should of received on this matter.

Mar 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am a resident of California, and I am currently receiving SSI, however, recently, I started receiving letters from EDD stating I owe $7688.33 from an overpayment. I have not filed for Unemployment for over 15 years and when I did, I was told I was not eligible to receive Unemployment. I have tried contacting EDD numerous times online (I am deaf and cannot call) and I get the same annoying runaround stating I have to contact the appeals department which I have done 6 times to no avail. And the letters keep coming. I believe I am a victim of Identity Theft and someone was collecting these benefits using my name and Social Security number. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Sep 25, 2014
overpayment made to me and i dont know why just want to get it paid
by: Tamra

I recieved a letter from EDD stating i was paid an overpayment . just want to find out how much so i can submit payment.

Maybe you should consider contacting the California EDD Overpayment Department to find out how much in benefits you supposedly received that you weren't eligible for Tamara.

Aug 10, 2014
Need help
by: Anonymous


I received a letter from the Florida DEO stating that some details had not been included in my unemployment benefits claim back in November 2013 when I applied. I answered everything they asked me, provided them with the information they needed, and always made sure to enter in all my job search information weekly to receive my benefits on time. I STOPPED receiving benefits in January 2014, and started working February 2014. Now I get another letter stating that a determination was made on my case and I have to make an overpayment of over $1600 because "THE CLAIMANT WAS DISCHARGED FOR MISHANDLING COMPANY FUNDS.THE CLAIMANT'S
THIS DETERMINATION IS ISSUED IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 443.101, FLORIDA STATUTES." I can't afford to pay that back, add to that, I was dismissed for cashing checks that returned. I was in no way aware that they would come back. Will I have to go to court for this? I've already filed the appeal, but I have no idea what to expect of this.

If you do not want to have to repay the benefits, or incur any of Florida's benefit recovery provisions, you will have to file an appeal of the determination and that means you have a chance to prove the discharge from the employer the determination is referencing, wasn't for cause rising to a level of work misconduct for Florida.

There's more information about overpayment recovery provisions on the page about overpayments.

There are two types of unemployment benefit overpayments.

Fraud and Non Fraud (they will usually let you set up a schedule for repayment) and each type can be subject to different recovery provisions of consequence to the individual .. depending on the type overpayment of the determination, or the hearing referees interpretation of law .. if you appeal the determination.

I'm guessing there must of already been a determination, or more precisely, a redetermination issued in Jan. that you could of appealed. (You didn't say YOU voluntarily stopped collecting benefits, but you stopped receiving benefits).

If you let that January determination go unappealed .. you're basically screwed right now .. unless you have some good cause reason for not appealing that determ. like you never received it in the mail to know you should appeal, or you can reduce the level from a fraud overpayment to a non-fraud overpayment.

Mar 13, 2014
unemployment says i owe money
by: Anonymous

Hello i am from new york and i just got today a letter in the mail saying i have to pay unemployment 83 dollars. I have not collected unemployment in ten years. How can i owe money. Also there is nothing that says why i owe money, just that i need to pay within 10 days. I tried calling them but it is after hours. has this ever happened to anybody else.

Maybe it's a scam .. in fact that's exactly what I would suspect if I hadn't had a claim in ten years, nor received any benefits in ten years.

Additionally, if the notice doesn't have any appeal rights noted, or a deadline to appeal the overpayment .. I'd really be suspicious.

Feb 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I was laid off from my job in may of 2013. I filed for benefits and was approved for 169.00 a week. I have received my 26 weeks of benefits.

They told me to keep filing just like always and I did. But I have not received any more benefits due to the fact that congress has not extended the benefits.

I did not work any during the 26 weeks. went to all my interviews I was supposed to go to. I filed every week. Today I received a letter stating I owed them 988.00 over payment for being paid to much.

How is his possible I am not the one that determined what they paid me they were. I have four children and no job what am I supposed to do.


What state are we talking about?

Does your overpayment determination say they overpaid you too much each of those 26 weeks, or does it specify the dates of the weeks in which they think overpayment occurred.

I know you're feeling panicked, with four kids and all, but take a deep breath. I can't help you to figure anything out .. unless you help me get the answers I think I need to help.


Oct 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I got laid off from my job in april I started receiving unemployment in may I just started wrking again in sept but not full time or part time its for per diem hrs(only when needed) I never stopped filing un employment because of this. They sent a letter in the mail however I didn't receive my unemployment this week why?


Care to share anymore relevant information so I can guess about why?

Such as what the letter told you and whether you've been reporting the per diem pay?

Jul 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

i was laid off from my last job . so applied for benefits . the day i submitted my benefits i got a job. at pizza hut as a gm when i got my first check form work they pay was not what they promised and they said it would not be fixed. if i did not like it i could leave . so i left the a week later i found out i qualify for benefits from my job i was laid off from ..about 3-4 months my benefits got shut off because i worked at pizza hut in my waiting weeks ... I was penalized for working at pizza hut during my waiting weeks my benefits got stopped i filed an appeal they investigated and i started receiving my benefits again now its been a year in July 2012 iv been on ui i filed for my new claim and now there saying i should have never gotten my benefits started again and i owe 13 thousand dollars !!!! how is this my fault i filed my appeal they stared them again and extended me twice how is this my fault i did not turn them back on i just filed my appeal like i was told to do now i owe 13 thousand because of their mistake if i did not qualify why did they appeal in my favor and start them back on in the first place im only 22 thats alot of money to come up with do i owe this back i think i should take them to court my self i need advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really know what to say .. except for this.

For some reason, I'm hearing from a lot of people facing some stiff overpayment determination, despite the fact that the original voluntary quit from a subsequent job to filing a claim for a layoff, has already been ruled .. via an appeal hearing, a voluntary quit with good cause due to unsuitability of the job they accepted .. because the new employer misled them about the conditions of the work at time of hire ..

If this is what happened to you, I would first try sending an appeal of the overpayment and attaching the hearing decision which found the voluntary quit was with good cause.

If you're lucky, they may just issue a redetermination and back off.

However, what's actually happening .. at least in some cases and only in my opinion is that the government is taking full advantage of the unemployed's lack of understanding regarding UI benefits .. in the hope that people will just roll over and repay what they received.

It's shameful what's happening!

Fight! Even if you jut think they are wrong, but can't put your finger on why ..

The recovery provisions between non-fraud overpayments and fraud overpayments can be a lot different from each other .. even if you do have to repay.

Some states even have specific reasons that may allow a person to get a wavier of overpayment.

Feb 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I was told in July I recieved benefits I was not entilted to,4,500 to b exact.I hit the panic button and without questioning any of It I paid it back.as I did some backtracking I worked some partial weeks n didnt key in amounts,but 4 of them I have no Idea what happened,now I am being penialized 24 weeks,2 weeks for each claim.I work construction and Its weather permitting,anyway I appealed and I am waiting on the review comissions to scheldule a hearing.I have drawn benefits off n on for 22 years,I think this is a little harsh punishment,I am single with morgage,car,and everyday living expenses,If they dont reconsider I will lose all n basically be homeless.Why not audit all the people who work under the table for cash and still claim benefits.

Feb 17, 2012
repay of ben
by: Anonymous

They told me each week i file i have to show the places i applied for work so i mailed it in and months later they are tellin me that i owe money can someone please tell me what i have to do?

Feb 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

I live in Alabama.

2 years ago I was let go from a small family owned and ran company after they had been broken into and robbed. The owner thought I had something to do with it. I knew I didn't and the police would figure that out soon enough and put him in his place. Unfortunately, I was let go before the investigation was complete.

I filed for unemployment and received my 1st lump sum and payments for 2 weeks and 1 more week after that.

Then I was denied and received a letter. When I contacted them they said that because the company had offered me my job back I could no longer receive benefits.

The owner's daughter had sent me a text and asked if I wanted to come back.

Of course it was because I had filed for unemployment, but because of everything I had since become homeless and was staying even further away from their store in Tennessee and couldn't make it on minimum wage.

The owner did tell the unemployment office that he suspected that I had been part of the burglary when they had contacted him which isn't grounds for termination UNLESS I was guilty, but then they offered me a job back and I did try to argue that they were only offering it because I had filed for unemployment and knew I had moved.

I filed for food stamps and asked the owner if I sent him the paper work if he'd fax it in. He agreed and low and behold my food stamps were cut off as well. When I called to see what the problem was, it was because he never sent in the paperwork!

He was just trying to screw me over anyway possible! Anyways, after their job offer I didn't receive anymore payments of unemployment and never heard back from them when I tried to appeal it and at least get the statements from the owner to sue him. Now that I've filed my taxes they're saying I owe $512 in over payments! I only received 3 wks worth of payments to start with.

Since I had moved I never received any information stating that I owed any money.

I would've argued it then before they took my tax refund! When the investigator told me there was nothing else I could do he never said I owed any money either.

Anyone I call gives me the run around as usual and talk to me like I'm scum when I did everything legally! Should I just take the owner of the store to small claims court? After all, he obviously was trying to screw me over and probably lied about the day that they offered me a job! It should be obvious that it took 2 weeks to get the ball rolling alone, then give them another week to decide how to procede and offer me a job again and then my benefits ended but someone somewhere isn't smart enough to figure this out and it's the government so I have no rights!


So, are you telling me none of this is due to anything you should of or could have done and you have zero accountability for any fault in this situation?

What do you mean you "tried" to appeal?

Always the victim .. never the solution.

Jan 20, 2012
if you are not getting enough hours on your job can you still draw unemployment
by: Anonymous

I was receiving unemployment payments for about a year then I found a job that was not paying me that much so I continued to draw unemployment . so when I started getting more hours I stopped payments of unemployment now they sent me a letter saying that I owe them back for the months I worked and was still drawing.

Question .. when you weren't making all that much and continuing to collect benefits, were you reporting the little you were earning each week you claimed benefits?


Apr 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I think my overpayment is about 4-5 years old and they still send me "overpayment billing" statememts, how long will I get these? They take my state tax already.
I don't even feel this is my fault in the first place is why I do not pay them and why I just let them continue taking my state tax...........5-6 yrs ago my hours were cut at my job and I was told I could file unemployment, so thats what I did, I faxed in my information alot of times bc I would miss the day I had to call in....so I guess their saying during those times I got more than I should of...I just remember, faxing in for unemployment bc I missed the day and they are the ones that gave me too much............
I guess my question again is......Will this ever go away?

See Arkansas recovery provisions for fraud and non-fraud unemployment overpayments

Mar 19, 2011
How can I get this waived? and how is this overpayment my fault
by: tyler

Im in Alabama, and have been collecting unemployment since may of 2010. I have not worked or have been hired by a company since my previous employer. When my account ran out of money, I called and filed for an extension, it was granted to me and THEY told me to continue claiming each week. Well now I recieved 2 letters saying I owe a total of 5,000 back.from may of 2010 and july of 2010 and the other was from dec. 2010 through march of 2011. and it was determined that it was not my fault and I did not willfully make false statments. So I sent an appeal in, but they are saying the reason for overpayment is I didnt have enough total earnings in my account. But this was never told to me when I called in to file for unemployment or extensions. They simply granted me benefits and told me to keep claiming untill I found a job. So how is this my fault and my responsibility to pay this back, when they screwed up .Whats my chances of getting this waived? Finacially my family cant afford this, already have a 2 year old and my wife and I are expecting our 2nd. Its impossible for us to pay this back with no incoming funds.


Without seeing all your paperwork .. I cannot even begin to tell you what I "think" the problem is .. except that it sounds like a monetary problem with your wage record.

If you won on appeal, the regular benefits appear that they should be removed from that total amount, but when you begin talking about a federal extension within the same first benefits year and monetarily qualifying for that .. I, just like you am at a loss to tell you why there is an overpayment on the extension money.

I I know for certain is that if you have received an overpayment determination even if it's more than one .. they both need to be appealed so you do not lose your appeal rights and that in itself becomes your problem.

Feb 07, 2011
Overpayment appeal
by: Anonymous

I have been out of work for 9 months now. I worked for a temp agency for a year and a half. I was told that I was being let go and laid off. I applied for benefits operating under what they told me. Now they are contesting my claim, saying I was fired. While it is true that I had some issues at work a month or two before, no one told me I was fired nor did I get presented with any paperwork saying so. If I do not appeal my case I will have to pay back a large portion of 9 months worth of benefits, but I have no physical evidence to show one way or the other. What should I do?


How can anyone possibly tell you what to do with the little information you provided.

For crying out loud .. all I know is that you worked for a temp agency .. which could be part of the problem.

I know for certain .. I don't have nearly enough information to explain why there has been a nine month delay.

Jan 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was approved for short term unemployment back in April of last year. I collected for a month and stopped calling in because I had withdrew my 401K check from my former place of employment. So I got the 401K check and reported it to unemployment. And they said it wouldn't be a problem but I didn't call in to claim benefits until late July all the way up until the fallowing month. My benefits were cut off because of problems at my former place of employment and I was disqaulifed. 6 months later I get a letter saying I owe 4.000 dollers back to them but I only collected 229 dollers a week for the month of April,late July and all through Augest. How could this be

Your guess is as good as mine. There's more involved here and I'm guessing .. they just lumped in the month of April from last year .. for the short-time compensation .. You should appeal the overpayment determination at least .. and there should also be a non-monetary appeal which denied benefits that needs to be appealed .. or should have been appealed.

Oct 15, 2010
Over payment appeal
by: Lili

My husband was recieving unemployment benefits due to being laid off. he got a part time job and comtinued recieving partial benefits. He was then fired from the part time job due to mis conduct. he reported that he was no longer working and the benefits just continued. He receieved benefits and even was approved for an extension. Now we receive a letter stating that he had to pay it all back due to the fact that he had "willfully submitted false information" or "attempted to commit fraud" they did an investigation and said that he was not eligible for benefits due to the fact that he commited embezzelment. ($8.00) yes, eight dollars. But he was already recieving benefits before he started the part time job. We appealed and have a court date next week. What do we need to prepare?? we have never gone to court for anuthing before. Do we need to get a laywer?
Any all advice is apprecieated.

It all goes back to whether he appealed the denial caused by the separation from the part-time job. The most recent work is the work that controls the claim. If he was fired for actual misconduct .. there is nothing you can do about it.

But overpayments .. there's often two kinds. There fraud and there's nonj-fraud.

If you can afford an attorney .. get an attorney. They may ber able to help you avoid the "fraud" finding. and usually, the repayment is quite a bit different between the possible findings.

Yes, find a lawyer.

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