Was I fired for not signing a write up slip because the write up or for insubordination?

by Anonymous

A few days ago I was running reports for my job. One of the reports needed to be faxed to another local business.

On this particular night the fax machine was not working properly and it was assumed that it was out of ink. Three employees, myself included, searched for an ink cartridge and we were unable to find one. I left a note for my manager telling her that the report had not gotten faxed because the fax machine was out of ink and we couldn't find more cartridges.

The next night when I arrived at work another one of my bosses said that she had something for me to sign and it was a write up notice stating that I should have replaced the ink cartridge in the fax machine or used the other fax machine (which is actually a copier that has a fax machine on it that we have not been trained to use). I told my manager that this was a stupid reason to write me up considering I had told the other boss that we couldn't find the ink cartridges and proceeded to tear up the write up and give it back to my manager.

The next day a third manager called me and asked me what happened the night before and when I explained what happened she tells me that because of this situation I am being let go.

Hi Anonymous,

So, instead of signing the write-up and documenting on the write-up why you felt the write up was unjustified, you tore it up and handed it back to the manager and the next day you were fired for an actual and real act of insubordination? You do see the problem here...right?

I don't even understand the assumption that a fax machine is not working because of an ink cartridge. An ink cartridge and paper is only needed for the transmittal verification.

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Bad manager illegal
by: Anonymous

My manager wrote me up for getting coffee at the beginning of my shift like I did every other day, for my first 2 months then he finds out I am adhd and bipolar manic depressive and also had court for driving without a liscense.Then I was starting to get harassed every day at work.The same day of the write up he wrote me up again for saying I baked too many everythingbagels.We ran out of sesames and he always gives me a list that day no list,clearly personal.He told me to clock out go home I refused cause I did nothing wrong then he said he was going to fire me,then we talked I said this is discrimination.I came back in the next day and was told I had a 2 week susspension and left!

Signing a write up does not mean you agree you were guilty if you add you comments about why the employer is wrong in their conclusion that your act was misconduct.
by: Chris - webmaster:)

You will have no better opportunity to make your side of the story known. Hmm. Are you getting screwed because you failed to sign and counter document?????

by: Anonymous

sounds like a pussy ass company to work for. good by not signing it. signing it admits guilt no matter what, they can alter it later and everything. im going through this exact thing right now. good job.

response to previous comment
by: Anonymous

This particular fax machine will not submit or receive documents when the cartridge is out of ink. i am not sure why it doesn't work without it but the boss confirmed that that was the problem with the machine and the next day the ink was replaced and it worked fine.

Okay, gotcha, but you weren't fired for not replacing the cartridge. You were fired for ripping up the write-up.

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