What does "pending issue" mean?

by Desmond

I applied several weeks ago in Texas, as I've been unemployed since April, my employer had me convinced that I could collect Short Term Disability - well the Insurance Company said I wasn't disabled "enough" but these sons of guns booted me as soon as my FMLA was up - I kept asking them when it was going to be up but they never would tell me - now they have successfully gotten rid of me I guess they didn't want someone with my disability around the office because they treated me like I was a 'leper' - well after wasting my time trying to get STD I finally applied for UI Benefits - now they say I have a "pending issue" and I can't get an answer from them - does this mean I'm in for a "fight"?

Hi Desmond,

Without knowing more .. I would say yes, you're in for a fight.

I'm wondering now, like you, "what" the pending issue is exactly.

They have to issue a determination eventually, on whatever it is .. I have no idea why they aren't willing to share what it is though.

Is it possible that you are not "able and available for work"?

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Apr 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

I also have a pending issue. How long did it take for them to rule in your favor?

Aug 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

I thought I'd update everyone on how this developed. It turned out that there were two pending issues, one was ability to work, the other was separation from employment - they ruled in my favor on both issues and I am supposed to begin receiving payments in fact I'm only waiting for my TWC Debit Card - I should be getting that in a few days. Thanks for the input - this website was helpful in providing me with a clearer idea of what's expected. Thank you so very much!!!

Aug 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

Try also calling your governor's office. I did this when I was unable to get through on the phone after several attempts and got a return call from the unemployment representative immediately.

Aug 19, 2010
What does "pending issue" mean?
by: Desmond

That is of course what I'm worried about, however I was asked a few questions concerning that by a representative, not the claims examiner herself, but another representative, and she stated "I believe we have enough information to go forward with this claim" which to me sounded positive. My hope is that they're just backed up with claims, that maybe we are both guessing correctly, this was the issue, but I've given them enough info she just hasn't reviewed it and made her decision yet. I keep calling her extension but I get only an answering machine and never get a return call. I've been told to "be patient" but after a month with my car payment over due, unpaid rent and medical expenses are looming over me like a cloud of impending doom ...each day without a word only adds to my depression. I'm not sure what proactive steps I can take - if there are any - at this point I feel fairly sure I can give them anything they want - my Doctors are very understanding of my situation and there is no reason why I can't work as long as I feel willing and able and I do in fact lately I feel good most of the time my disease is getting better - my symptoms are very subjective and intermittent - I would say I'm partially disabled - disabled enough to be protected but not so disabled that I can not work - my previous employer didn't want me there because of my disability - and I may have a case against them - I really can't see any reason why they wouldn't grant me unemployment benefits based on some of the other articles/answers of yours I've read - and if I needed a Doctor's clearance to work I could get one though I was never officially "stopped" it was my employer that encouraged me to apply for short term disability in the first place (to get rid of me) and now the insurance company is trying to sue me for the few checks they gave me - it's crazy - anyway - sorry for too much information I was trying to paint a more complete picture but I'm not sure what you might need to know - any specific questions I'm happy to answer - thanks for your feedback!


Your story is just another example of the true nature of the game.

As far as the length of time it is taking to issue an initial determination .. 4-6 weeks seems to be just about the length of time that most everyone must tolerate .. anything beyond that and I suggest calling a state's attorney general's office to complain that the unemployment office is not issuing an "appealable" determination "promptly" as mandated by federal guidelines.

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