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A Tenneseean That Served My Country For 20 Years And Am In Need Of Unemplyment Benefits

by Max

I retired from the military 6 months ago, I did 20 years and received retirement benefits, I live in Tennessee and I am a resident of this state as I never changed my residency while in the military.

I have been looking for a job since coming home and no luck, I was recently at a VA Job fair and a guy said I could get unemployment benefits, I was shocked because I had never been told this before retiring back in May. Would I qualify for benefits and how much could I receive while still looking for employment?

Hi Max,

Here's what I know about unemployment benefits for ex-service members.

The statutes of the state where you file the claim control the adjudication of the monetary factors of the claim and I suspect some of the non-monetary factors, which may include determinations concerning "deductible income" such as pensions, disability payments, etc. .. and weekly benefit amounts. That information can be found at the USDOL

Whether an individual retiring from the military after twenty years, who I sure was offered the option to reenlist would be deemed a voluntary quit and retirement is a question even I have at this moment.

Unemployment issues for ex-service member fall under a special program called UCX.

Since I don't know much about unemployment for ex-military personnel .. I'm going to bat the ball to where the government houses special fact sheets about unemployment benefits for ex-military and some Directives in the ETA Handbook 384 (Military Unemployment Guidelines for adjudicating claims) that my help.

Thank you for your service Max and I hope all works out well.


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