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Questions about whether an employee would collect unemployment after an unemployment appeal, led me to an understanding of just how cloudy for claimants it must be to see how unemployment benefits work in reality. .. especially when they lost their job through no fault of their own .. even in my opinion, but for some reason, which I confess, took me a while to figure out .. didn't end up collecting benefits.

When I first began coordinating hearings for a living .. I was cloudy to how the rules work, but I also had this job, now depending on me learning fast and furious if I wanted to keep it.   By the time the job ended in 2009 .. because I ended it, I knew the ins and outs of how appeal hearings worked in reality .. state to state.

Come to find out, the common denominator for employers that won on appeal for the right reasons, along with for the wrong, or indifferent reasons ..  was being represented .. and I know this .. because if I couldn't find a rep to hire for a hearing .. I went on the record for the employer with a letter citing some plausible good cause reason to request a postponement .. that was used later to request a reopening.  

A hearing rep, however, brings their expertise to bare at hearings.  They are a key element of any company who really does control unemployment costs for employers.

Whether the factual merits of a job separation seem right, wrong .. or just questionable as to you being at fault, lacking the know how of converting and compelling the truth to be the credible facts needed to win a lower level tribunal hearing is what hearing reps do for you know who .. and you, when you're not at fault

I know from my experience on that job that professional UI hearing representatives improved the odds of the employer winning, to a minimum of 75 percent.   But then again, claimants of benefits are rarely represented at hearing, or frequently .. opt to lose their benefits by default when they didn't appear for a hearing .. because they thought an initial determination allowing benefits .. meant they were home free.

Sorry .. this is how people often end up having to repay benefits .. when they finally receive an overpayment determination .. after they first fail to appeal the hearing decision to request a reopening for a good cause reason for not appearing at the hearing. 

If you do end up engaging the services of an unemployment hearing rep that accepts case referral from me, please know I am paid a referral fee after you pay them for their services. 

I use those fees to support the continuation of  and the extra ..well sometimes I actually get to use it to buy groceries and a few other mundane necessities of life.

Requesting a referral, begins with a free case evaluation.  If you request coaching .. I do the free eval, if you request representation .. the hearing rep I send your info to will contact you.

Either way .. you will have my phone number and email address for further communication with me.

Lower level unemployment hearings are quasi-legal in nature, no ifs ands, or buts.  If you don't wrap your head around this being the nature of unemployment appeals by the time you self represent, you probably also don't know board appeals are not second chance appeals.   

Quasi to me, means you might miss the advantage found in learning how to use the rules of procedure for administrative law hearings that are supposed to be applied during UI tribunal hearings.

Many states conduct the FIRST  hearing, held by the lower appeal authority (aka a tribunal, or commision) are by phone in the United States.  Official literature form some state appeal sections states the first lower level hearing is informal, but this isn't a reason to relax, your efforts to be prepared to prove, or rebut a burden of proof .. or think that just because hearing officers (or any other name the referees that conduct hearings) are mandated to be fair and impartial while developing the record of facts, they have your back to also protect your rights to due process, you will not ultimately, be the one held responsible for not doing so. 

Quasi Legal .. means somewhat legal like, but you should never forget lower level unemployment appeal hearings .. are administrative law hearings.  If the previous link doesn't give you enough information to understand why I know claimants could use assistance winning unemployment hearings .. then maybe this will help you understand some of the finer details of what you will be in for at the first .. and essentially, last chance to maintain, or finally collect benefits on appeal. 

A Guide to Unemployment Insurance Benefit Appeals Principles and Procedures

States Requiring Unemployment Hearing Reps to Be a Lawyers if you are charged for representation. 

Sorry folks .. my referral program that allows you to request the services of a professional unemployment hearing representative, is limited due to state rules about non-attorneys being able to  represent claimants at hearings .. as well as the mode ( by telephone, or in person) a state typically conducts tribunal, or commission hearings.

I'd like to help everyone, no matter where your unemployment hearing is being held, but first, I would need qualified reps, or lawyers who meet state requirements that also allows me to fall in line with state rules .. to contact me.

Unemployment Hearing Representatives

All you have to do is fill out the request form to ask me to refer you to a Professional Unemployment Hearing Representative.  Before they can accept your case, they conduct a free initial case evaluation.

If the free eval goes well, you then would probably be interested in knowing what the average cost of representation is .. to know if coaching might be an option. 

Unemployment Coaching  Okay, I don't coach just anyone about unemployment, but I'll explain why I won't .. if you call or email at the phone number or email address everyone gets who fills out the form below.

To clarify, I Chris am not the one you want arguing for you at hearings because I didn't do that for a living, I  only coordinated unemployment appeals for independent hearing reps I hired for employers.

However, after identifying and then talking to thousands of direct witnesses for employers and getting their cooperation to help me build a file of additional documents I believed would be beneficial to the IC hearing rep, for a fighting chance to do the job I'd hired them for,  to of not learned how unemployment works in reality .. I'd of had to of been ..ummmm.. disengaged from doing my job to the best of my ability.

If I do coach you.. it will be by phone.  I promise I will not be disengaged from the coaching, even if I am a disembodied voice.

Frankly I'm a bargain at $20 per fifteen minutes, or $50 for an hour. if the free eval goes well. 

If you doubt I offer value to the unemployment learning curve maybe you think differently if you read the words from those who did pay form coaching.

The Cost of Unemployment Appeal Hearing Representation 

Professional hearing representation if your case is accepted by a hearing representative, will typically cost between $350 and $550.  

(This would also be the price range if you want a hearing rep to write a written brief in support of a second level appeal to a board of review.  However, be aware a written argument for this level of appeal is based on what happened on the record of the lower level appeal hearing.  

When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, you will have the option to choose unemployment appeal representation, or coaching.  

And don't forget, Referrals to Hearing Reps Are Only Available for These States 

Unemployment Appeal Representation Referrals

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington State
  • Wyoming

When you submit the request form you are sent an automated email from me.  It includes my personal contact information, me being Chris with Unemployment Tips

What happens next will depend on whether  you requested representation, or coaching services.

Requests for hearing representation are quickly forwarded to a hearing rep qualified to represent you as long as your hearing is being held in a state included in the the list just above.  They will contact you so they can conduct the free initial consultation.  Feel free to let me know if you wait longer than 48 hours, not including weekend and holidays.

If you requested coaching I leave it up to you to call me at the number provided in the automated email sent to you.   Before anyone pays me for coaching, it is essential you first schedule the day and time for coaching.  

Either way you go ..

All my best and goo luck.

Chris -


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