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Unemployment Appeal Hearing Referral Services 

I'm gratified I can offer this appeal case referral service to  unemployment claimants, and even to the occasional  new/small employer who bothers to contact me, after they realize the tips, were mostly, to help an unemployed person understand how to better use the unemployment appeal process for themselves. .

I have an abiding admiration for the skills of professional unemployment hearing specialists who work at hearings in multiple states.

They know there may be more than one legitimate argument to make about the the issue, or the reason for separation, as juxtaposed to a claimant simply not having the same skill set to be prepared, to argue effectively to why they should win the unemployment appeal hearing.

After all, an unemployment story, can have two sides to it.   But alas, in the end it's the side that wins the day that matters, after the hearing officer has fulfilled their duty to fully explore and develop the facts for the record, without bias,  who must accept one set of fact, over the other, as being the more credible of the two.

Laws, rules, regulations (regs are written by the UI agency, as a means of interpreting the legislative intent of a state unemployment law as written, are important, but so is using laws, rules, and regulations .. but claimant's tend to ignore these things.

A common rule about being represented at lower level hearings, tells us if the state UI agency bars or allows, non-attorneys to be that "other representative", often referenced in your hearing instructions, along with some other important rights to due process, you can use, before, during, or after, the first hearing has concluded.

It's safe to say, when I had a job, I worked closely with many of those "other" independent non-attorney UI hearing reps, than I  ever did actual unemployment lawyers .. who I also had to spend more time than I wanted to .. hunting and tracking them down .. to represent an employer.

My point, unemployment attorneys are only required to be your representative in a handful of states.  

This unemployment case referral service, is currently possible in 28 states, because I still pay attention to rules controlling who can represent the employer at UI unemployment hearings, but things changed when I decided to help claimant's in much the same way I  once helped employers find reps. 

I learned some states operate and create rules that may, or may not be intended to disadvantage a claimant.

So yes, my list shrunk by about five when I found out some states who still allow for non-attorney representation for employers, effectively excluded claimant from using anyone but an attorney, but usually it was only if a fee for representation was required. .

It was a sad day when I learned claimants were effectively being restricted to finding free, but qualified assistance, who wasn't interested in working for free, but still allow a claimant to recruit their BFF to represent who might work for free  to represent them at a quasi-legal administrative law hearing. (Here's a SCOTUS case, that may affect the state of administrative law).  

Wouldn't it be nice if every state made free hearing advocacy available, like Michigan does?

That way both employee/claimants and employers, wouldn't need to be blamed if they fail to execute a tenable  with potential merits to win a hearing. 

Simply put, I think there is a lot that can potentially go wrong for those who even I believe lost their job through no fault of their own, but it's usually inexperience representing yourself, or anyone else at an unemployment administrative law  hearing  that causes quasi-legal mistakes  .. which literally translated means you might make a  somewhat legal mistake .. without knowing you did.

I have a form at the bottom of this page meant specifically for those who would like to talk with a hearing rep to help you determine if the cost for being represented may be worth it to you in the end .. to finally collect because you appealed a denial, or continue collecting when your employer is the one to appeal your benefit eligibility .. whether you were fired, or quit your job.

Unemployment Appeal Representation

If your state is listed below, then click here and you will find the email form to request a referral.  

Once I receive it, I simply forward your email to a professional UI appeal hearing rep, or company I know is willing to accept claimant cases too.   But you can always call me if you want .. within reason, because that's what coordinator types do .. answer questions:)

The initial consultation with a hearing rep is always free. 

But don't let  the word free mislead you.   Professional hearing reps are usually independent contractors, therefore they charge for their services .. which of course can be valuable to those who consider the fact your eligibility to collect is also the total liability of your claim to your base period employer .. which is why employers appeal. whether you were initially allowed to collect unemployment benefits correctly, or erroneously .. but still might not know why you should be found eligible .. after the first unemployment hearing.

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