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Unemployment Appeal Hearing Referral Services 

I'm gratified I can offer referrals to both claimants and employers who would rather be professionally represented at an unemployment hearing .. as long as it is held in one of the twenty-eight different states this referral service is currently possible.

Suffice it to say, I believe many unemployed people lose their appeal hearings, because they lack having a knowledgeable hearing representative at lower appeal authority hearing to help them make a more relevant, thus winnable argument at the lower level, or first and usually only, tribunal hearing.

The recording of that hearing often tells the story, of what they didn't do to help themselves during the hearing, that may of otherwise have provided fodder for a better written argument, going to why, or how the hearing officer erred procedurally, (such as not allowing you one of your rights to due process) during the hearing, or they might of just erred when interpreting which case law should be applied to your case when writing the hearing decision.

I guess my point is .. there's more than one thing that can go wrong at hearing .. if you're inexperienced at representing yourself pro se .. even at quasi-legal unemployment administrative law hearings.

I have a form at the bottom of this page meant specifically for those who would like to talk first with a hearing rep about their case.  Who knows, it may, or may not help you to make a decision, once you know the cost of being professionally represented.

Unemployment Appeal Representation

If your state is listed below, then click here and you will find the email form to request a referral.  

I simply forward your email with all your contact info to a professional UI appeal hearing representative I work with to make this service possible. 

I also send an automated email when I receive your request.  That email includes my phone number, just in case you should you want to personally ask me questions about my referral service .. or the possibility of being coached by a hearing rep .. vs. having them represent you.

The initial consultation with a hearing rep is always free. 

However, for those who only see the word free, the typical cost of being represented, when the rep believes you have a good case, is generally, going to be in the range of $350 to $500, which of course includes the finder fee I am paid, should you decide to engage the services of the hearing representative I sent your email to. 

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Request an Unemployment Case Referral

When you submit the form below, I send out an automated email to the email address you provide for yourself.   Please check your spam folder should you not receive this email from Chris at

If you can't find the email from me anywhere, consider whether the problem may be a typo made, while you were  entering your own email address into the form below.

(Should you check the option for coaching, you're going to  need to call me between the hours listed in the automated email, because I'm the one who conduct free initial case evaluations .. for coaching only.

Unemployment Appeal Consultation

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