About Me and Tips to Collect unemployment Benefits

Hi, my name is Chris Hendricks.  To describe myself .. I'm a woman, not the man people often mistaken for.  

In 2006 I found myself in the same position many unemployed people find themselves in.   However, the job I lost, that of coordinating unemployment appeals for employers meant I was also aware of the pitfalls that caused many claimants of benefits .. to not end up keeping, or getting benefits, after an unemployment hearing.

I can only ask  you to imagine, how many times over the years I did that job, I found myself wishing the claimant would simply stop putting their ideas pertaining to the unemployment benefit cart, in front of the horse of laws, regulations and rules pulling unemployment administrative law  horse.

With this in mind, I decided, (while searching for new work, not having anything to do with unemployment), I'd also learn how to build a website.  From my kitchen table .. I went to town on this idea (crazy by some people's standards) I could learn how, which would finally enable me to build an online business more in line with the sort of thing I love, love, love doing to earn money.  

No doubt it's been a long time since 2009 when I finally was forced to voluntarily quit the same job I'd was laid off from in 2006, but the results of the efforts I put into Unemployment-Tips.com from that kitchen table (which moved twice over the ensuing years, has been well worth my time.

Regardless of how I answer any question about unemployment insurance benefits .. I hope you'll find this site helpful .. to know if you can, or can't collect unemployment .. or why, I believe the latter is hardly a good excuse, to not keep working hard, to realize a dream of your own.


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Work in Progress  AND THE  Potential for  A Newsletter

In the eleven years I've been yapping about how to collect unemployment benefits, not once did I think a newsletter would do the trick.

But the attitudes we carry around with us while we work as at-will employees, or just being self employed, is connected to how unemployment works to, or against our own benefit.

If I ever send a newsletter .. it will contain news that matters to the latter.

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