About Me and Tips to Collect unemployment Benefits

Hi, my name is Chris Hendricks.  To describe who I am.. I'm an average woman  

But in 2006,  I found myself in the same position of being unemployed, through no fault of my own, from a job where I coordinated unemployment appeals for employers day in and day out for years, where I learned a lot about how unemployment insurance works .. that's not written in unemployment laws.

I can't tell you how many times over the years I did my job, to the best of my ability, I found myself wishing the claimant would stop relying on their own idea of what it means to fight for unemployment benefits, because they were always putting the cart, in front of the horse.

After I was laid off in 2006, I decided I would spend any spare time I had left after applying for new suitable jobs, to learn how to build a website.  To ease the obstacles I perceived I might  have learning how to build one, I chose to write about something I knew, I knew well .. what I did for a living at my former job.  Problem was, I wasn't expecting to be recalled to that job .. as a benefitless "temp" worker.

In 2009 I finally was forced to voluntarily quit the same job that had been eliminated in 2006 and all I had to work with .. as far as websites go, was Unemployment-Tips.com, which I'd been working on at my kitchen table at night.

Regardless of how I answer your question about getting unemployment insurance benefits .. all I know for sure alal these years later is we must do our best when working any job at will and that includes those jobs we manage to dream up for ourselves and do in our spare time.


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Work in Progress  AND THE  Potential for  A Newsletter

In the eleven years I've been yapping about how to collect unemployment benefits, not once did I think a newsletter would do the trick.

But the attitudes we carry around with us while we work as at-will employees, or just being self employed, is connected to how unemployment works to, or against our own benefit.

If I ever send a newsletter .. it will contain news that matters to the latter.

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