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Hi, my name is Chris (Crystal) Hendricks.  I'm an average woman who had a not so average job before losing it through no fault of my own in 2006 and then feeling forced, to guard that initial determination / finding when I was recalled to my job as a UI hearing consultant .. as a temp employee for almost three more years, until I'd had enough and voluntarily quit my job for good cause in 2009.   Not surprisingly, I was also able to prove at a hearing, due to my employer appealing that it was the temp staffing employer, who was also a client of the UI cost control company I worked at .. that had actually terminated me for quitting my long term work assignment .. for something other than work related misconduct. 

Other than this .. the only thing I know for certain, is I don't enjoy writing about myself on a page filed under "about me" and most of what I've learned in over sixty years .. is covered by some version of an interpretation of facts, that tend to lie in the gray space between something, just not being right .. or something being just .. wrong.

What I do to earn money .. in case you're interested in more than just those annoying passive ads.

Case Referrals to Representatives for Unemployment Appeal Hearings

I also still provide free answers as to how  I learned unemployment issues can/may work if you're trying to collect or deny someone's unemployment benefits.

You can also Contact Me via email too, if you're opposed to posting details on a public blog.

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If you ask a question about a specific state's eligibility rules, or have advice of your own about a state's unemployment insurance, or benefits eligibility rules, please do not neglect reading the submission guidelines.

You'll just have to trust me on this .. I have no problem as the owner/moderator of Unemployment-Tips.com and the accompanying blog pages to delete without a second thought, any spam, wholly self serving promotions, or rants without a purpose .. in my view.


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