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an employer prying into my personal life?

by Steph
(Kinston,NC, USA)

I walked out after having a discussion with supervisor about my conduct. He was talking about a Facebook comment I posted on the internet, which he was advised about from another employee.

He was very upset with me.

I was employed with this organization 6 years.

1 month prior to this discussion, I had received top score for my yearly evaluation. But on this day he stated my conduct had worsen and I was making the workplace horrific to be at. I had everyone in an uproar, so to speak.

An hour afterwards, I walked out. I filed for unemployment benefits. Today ESC stated I was disqualified for leaving without good cause attributable to the employer.

Can you help me? I just want to be able to receive unemployment. I feel like my personal life should not had been any of my employer/supervisor's concern.

Hi Steph,

I have to say, I'm not surprised you were denied benefits.

I hope I can assume that you read what I wrote on this page about the burden of quitting.

I have never doubted that many people are justified, on a personal level to quit a job due to some unfair, irrational, or bully type behavior of a "supervisor".

But what I know is that people quit before they rationally respond to something an employer did.

They, as well as you .. walked out before you gave those with higher authority a chance to respond to the supervisor's "questionable treatment".

You have to create the cause in most circumstances. It's faulty reasoning .. if you want unemployment benefits, to assume the employer created good cause for you simply because another employee (your supervisor) might have done something they shouldn't have.

If you want benefits when you quit .. in almost all cases .. the
quit must be attributable to the work, but it is of paramount importance that an employee realize that if they are discharged and the employer is unable to prove sufficient good cause for doing so .. you will get benefits .. therefore the reasoning is simply reversed when you become the moving party.

You should have went higher up if that was an option.

It's also worthy to mention that the nature of your facebook comments might be relevant. You may think this stuff is personal, but a "friend" ratted you out. If you are an employee who is making public comments about your employer .. that have the potential to cause harm to the employer's interest .. this could be relevant also.

All this stuff about social networking on the internet is .. honestly, what I would call an evolving area of employment law .. even when it comes to piddly unemployment benefits.

So, in conclusion ... Can I help you? I don't know. I'd feel better if you had not walked out and had decided to use my services to find out how you might react or respond to the supervisors, but since you "walked out" I believe that whatever occurred in that preceding conversation would be relevant to explore if something was said or done .. that left you with no alternative.

Off the top of my head .. I would think something would have had to of happened that made you feel that you were in imminent and immediate danger of some type.

It is very relevant to note also that I do not give any type of legal advice .. I offer opinion and information I learned.

If you want to know for certain if you have anything to fight back with .. contact a lawyer.


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