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by Mary
(Indianapolis. Indiana)

I have been on unemployment in Indiana and have had no issues for three months. Then I got sick with the covid virus and my employer was notified. They said I had voluntarily quit my job two weeks prior to me getting sick. I have recovered and tried to return to work but now my employer says they don't have the business for me to return. So of course my unemployment says unresolved issue. If I wouldn't of had the virus I would of returned to work but how could I if my employer says they don't have the business. I'm so confused and if course no one at the unemployment office can seem to help me. It's been 4 weeks now with no income and I'm so acceptable to getting the virus again I'm scared to go back to work now.if I need to file an appeal I need to know. But no one has any answers

Hi Mary,

To file an appeal, regarding the voluntary quit issue, you need the determination. Do you have that determination?

I truly no of no other way to resolve the unresolved issue of your employer telling the UI dept. you had voluntarily quit your job two weeks prior to you getting sick.

You also didn't provide any clue as to why "they" would say, or the state would determine you voluntarily quit your job, so let me ask you a simple question.

Did your employer, after initially closing down due to the pandemic, ask you to return to work and if so, did you refuse to return to work two weeks before you caught the virus?


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